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FrenchCreek Production Fall Harnesses for Fall Protection

For any situation in which fall prevention is critical, French Creek Production remains the professional’s choice for harnesses and other safety equipment. Environmental Equipment & Supply offers a complete line of roofing fall protection products from French Creek Productions, including 3- and 6-point harnesses. Our products are comfortable and allow for worker mobility without compromising safety. Go beyond merely meeting OSHA safety requirements – protect your team with safety equipment that offers unparalleled support in any job site.

Environmental Equipment & Supply carries a full lineup of FrenchCreek fall harnesses, including the popular models 550, 631, 651 and 850ABT.

Engineered for Safety

French Creek harnesses are designed specifically with the needs of today’s workers in mind. Built to provide your team with the freedom of movement they need to do their job right, French Creek fall protection harnesses deliver safety and comfort in equal measures. All products meet or exceed OSHA, ANSI and highly selective ANSI Z359 criteria for safety, keeping workers upright and strapped in after a fall.

When your life is on the line, rely on FrenchCreek Production products for your Fall Protection Equipment.


FCP Fall Harnesses Models

Contact Environmental Equipment & Supply to inquire about the availability of the following roofing fall protection harnesses:

  • 550: The 550 fall protection harness is ideal for roofing and other construction work. A six-point harness available in a number of different colors and sizes, the 550 is easy to put on and adjust, and includes all standard features listed above as well as spring-loaded friction buckles, additional lumbar straps and a permanently attached waist belt.
  • 631: Use the 631 three-point harness for any application where a lightweight, secure fall prevention system is required. The 631 is available in two sizes, and features pass-through leg and chest buckles to ensure worker safety and comfort.
  • 651 The French Creek 651 harness features tongue buckle/grommet leg straps and a pass-through chest buckle, making it an excellent, economical choice for a number of applications. Like the 631, the 651 is available in both small/medium and large/extra-large sizes.
  • 851: For the ultimate in safety when working above ground, the 851 fall protection harness is suited for tower climbing, roofing and construction work. Features include padded shoulder and waist pads and French Creek’s exclusive “Super-Nit” system for advanced comfort and wear resistance.


Features and Specifications

All FrenchCreek Production fall harnesses contain a number of standard features and are ideal for roofing fall protection applications and much more, regardless of which series you choose:

  • A unique harness design evenly distributes fall-arrest forces throughout the strongest parts of the body, minimizing working injury.
  • The EZ-Slide D ring – a Fall Creek first – keeps fallen workers vertical to expedite rescue efforts.
  • All metal hardware and grommets are plated to ASTM standards, providing long-term, all-weather corrosion resistance.
  • Reinforced lumbar straps offer additional security against rear worker release.
  • Perfect-fit chest straps feature a pass-through buckle that is sewn in place to prevent improper use.
  • Tongue buckle leg straps attach quickly and easily.

Maintenance and Inspections

Proper care must be taken to maintain FCP fall harnesses, particularly if they are used infrequently. Never use chemicals or a clothes or hair dryer to clean your harness — excessive heat and exposure to corrosive chemicals can affect the safety webbing. Always have a knowledgeable coworker inspect your harness before use for cuts, fraying, burns and other potential safety hazards. Store FrenchCreek Production fall harnesses in a safe, dry place where they are shielded from chemical, water and sunlight exposure. By taking these simple precautions, your FCB fall harness will give you years of trouble-free use.

For more information about French Creek fall harnesses, contact the team at Environmental Equipment & Supply today. We can help match you with the best safety equipment for your application.