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Solinst Water Level Instruments

Solinst LogoSolinst water meters provide accurate measurements at a variety of price points, meeting the needs of professionals with quality components that are designed for years of trouble-free use. Environmental Equipment & Supply sells and rents Solinst water meters for depths up to 2000 feet. As an authorized Solinst distributer, not only do we service everything we sell, but we can also help match you with the product that's right for your needs and budget.

Solinst 101
The Solinst model 101 water level meter provides accurate readings in boreholes, wells, standpipes and other spaces that challenge competing products. A reliable performer, even in cascading waters, the Solinst 101 Water Level Meter has PVDF Laser-Marked Tape. available in lengths up to 300 m/1000 ft, the flat tape does not stretch or corrode. Options include a submersible probe, power reel and more. The 101 can be used in narrow-diameter wells and tubing, and it features adjustable sensitivity levels for more accurate readings.

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101 Water Level Meters

102M Mini Water Level Meter
The Model 102 Mini Water Level Meter is used to indicate water levels precisely in small diameter applications. For accurate water level readings in small areas, use the Solinst 102 mini meter. This laser-marked coaxial cable is made to accurately measure groundwater levels in small diameter applications and is thus ideal when your individual application requires a flexible and narrow cable capable of navigating around an in-well pump.

102M Mini Water Level Meter

Solinst 102 and 102M
The Solinst 102 and its portable cousin, the 102 Mini, offer budget-friendly water level monitoring without sacrificing the quality Solinst products are known for. A laser-marked coaxial cable provides accurate measurements, even in narrow-diameter tubes and piezometers. Cabling is flexible enough to navigate around in-well pumps and other obstacles and features stainless steel conductors for strength and corrosion resistance. The 102M offers similar functionality in a package small enough to fit in a backpack.

102 Water Level Meter

Solinst 103 Tag Line
Ideal for the installation and construction of monitoring wells, the Solinst 103 features a stainless steel wire line laser-marked with your choice of imperial or metric measurements. Accurate to 1/100th of an inch (or 1 millimeter), the 103 can be used to measure well depth safely or to gauge the distance to the top of a backfill sand or bentonite layer. A free standing, sturdy reel is easy to operate in a variety of circumstances. The 103 is available in lengths up to 1000 feet.

103 Tag Line

Solinst 107 TLC Meter
With a variety of useful functionalities in a single package, the Solinst 107 TLC is a complete solution for monitoring water level, conductivity and temperature. High-quality polyethylene tape gives accurate depth reading in metric or imperial measurements, and a large, easy-to-read LCD display gives temperature and conductivity measurements to within 30 µS. The 107 is ideal for a number of applications, including salinity studies, tracer tests and saltwater intrusion investigations, or as a general indicator of water quality/contamination.

107 TLC Meter

Solinst 101B
This economical and durable water level meter features a heat embossed polyethylene flat tape, P1 stainless steel probe, as well as a sturdy real and handle. The 101B Water Level Meter is used for measuring ground water levels in wells, standpipes, boreholes and tanks.

Solinst 101B

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