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Solinst 107 TLC Meter

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Solinst 107 TLC Meter
Tape LengthPart NumberPrice
100' 110316 $ 1,091.00
200' 110315 $ 1,224.00
300' 110314 $ 1,357.00
500' 110319 $ 1,679.00
750' 110318 $ 2,012.00
1000' 110317 $ 2,344.00


The Solinst TLC meter can be used in any situation where accurate readings of conductivity, water and/or temperature are desired. Powered by a single 9V battery for 90 hours of use, the unit is portable and easy to read in low-light situations. Some potential applications of the Solinst 107 TLC Meter include:

  • Well and open-water conductivity profiling
  • Salinity and saltwater intrusion studies
  • Tracer tests
  • Monitoring of the effects of road salt in municipal water supplies
  • General chemical contamination tests
  • Early warning water-quality tests in landfills and industrial sites


Solinst 107 TLC Meter Brochure

Easy to use for a variety of applications, the Solinst 107 water level meter gives you quick and accurate access to conductivity, water level and temperature data in wells and open water. As an exclusive distributor and repair center for Solinst products, Environmental Equipment and Supply is proud to offer the 107 TLC Meter to customers across the country.


Features and Technical Specifications

  • Depth MeasurementsThe Solinst TLC Meter's smart conductivity sensor with platinum electrodes measures conductivity between 0 – 80,000 µS, standardized to 25°C at a rate of 2.0% per °C.
  • Conductivity measurements are accurate to within 30 µS or 2% of reading.
  • The Solinst model 107 measures water and probe depth using a high quality polyethylene tape that provides measurements accurate to the millimeter or 1/100th of a foot.
  • Tape lengths range from 100-1000 ft. 
  • The unit measures temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit in a range from –15°C/23°F to +50°C/122°F, with an accuracy within +/- 0.3°C/0.5°F.
  • The Solinst TLC is easily calibrated using 1413 µS and 80,000 µS solutions for single or two-point conductivity.
  • All Solinst water level meters come with a convenient auto-off feature that shuts the unit down automatically after 8 minutes of inactivity.   


Accessible Data in All Situations

The Solinst TLC Meter's simple display rotates to allow for easy reading in any position. Conductivity and temperature data is presented on the main screen; for depth measurements, a buzzer will sound when the probe enters water, making accurate level readings easy. Temperature readings stabilize at a rate of 20 seconds per degree
 Celsius of change; standardized conductivity readings are adjusted accordingly as the temperature registers. 

Buy Solinst Water Level Meters at Environmental Equipment and Supply 

Environmental Equipment and Supply is your choice for Solinst water level meters. We offer overnight shipping by FedEx on all orders, as well as exclusive repairs and warranty service by our factory-trained technicians. The Solinst 107 TLC Meter is available with depth capacities ranging from 100 to 1000 feet, with the base unit starting at just $1,120.

With over 25 years of experience supplying environmental monitoring equipment to public and private agencies, Environmental Equipment and Supply can help you choose the Solinst TLC meter that's right for you. Contact our team today for more information.