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Solinst LTC Levelogger Junior

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Solinst LTC Levelogger Junior
Learn More About the Solinst Levelogger App and Interface
LTC Rental $ 65 $ 235 $ 470
Cables 50'-100' $ 5 $ 10 $ 25
Cables 300' $ 10 $ 35 $ 100
Comm Package $ 10 $ 35 $ 100
LTC Levelogger JuniorPart NumberPrice
10 Meter 109157 $ 1,150.00
30 Meter 109147 $ 1,150.00


Solinst LTC Levelogger Junior Data Sheet



  • Low Cost
  • Three measurements in one probe
  • Compatible with Levelogger Software and accessories
  • Single or multi-point calibration
  • Compact, low maintenance, waterproof design
  • Faraday Cage protection against power surges
  • Real-time viewing and data export to other programs
  • Compatible with STS Gold Telemetry and SDI-12

Rentals, Sales, & Service

Effectively performing the work of three devices in one, the Solinst LTC Levelogger Junior is a cost-effective solution for monitoring and logging temperature, conductivity and water levels. With a powerful set of sensors and a waterproof stainless steel design, the Levelogger Junior is perfectly-suited for a variety of applications, including salinity studies, plume remediation monitoring, tracer tests and storm water runoff management.

Advanced Data Logging in a Small Package

With a non-volatile internal memory capable of storing up to 16,000 sets of readings at intervals ranging from 5 seconds to 99 hours, the Levelogger Junior's logging capabilities belie its diminutive stature. While the unit can deliver real-time readings with ease, its full features become apparent when used in conjunction with the proprietary Levelogger software. This powerful software features barometric compensation and calibration wizards to give you accurate corrected data without a lot of calculations. Levelogger also allows you to program preferences and display readings in a number of different table and graph formats; data can also be exported for further analysis by other programs.

Powerful Sensors for Accuracy and Dependability

At the heart of the Levelogger Junior's ability to deliver reliable logging data are its three high-quality sensors for water level, temperature and conductivity. A piezoresistive silicon sensor gives depth readings accurate to within 0.1% FS at a ranges of up to 30 ft (10 m) or 100 ft (30 m). Automatic temperature compensation ensures readings remain accurate in all conditions.

The unit's temperature sensor is platinum RTD with a resolution of 0.1˚C, providing temperature compensation at a range from -10 to 40˚C. A four-electrode platinum conductivity sensor is calibrated to a range of 500 µS/cm - 50,000 µS/cm and normalizes specific conductance at 25˚C.

Additional Features

  • The Levelogger features a long-life battery good for five years of use at a five minute sampling rate. Standard Farraday cage protection offers protection against power surges.
  • The unit's internal clock is accurate to ±1 minute/year when operating in temperatures from 0 to 40˚C.
  • FRAM backup ensures your data is protected from accidental deletion.
  • Both single- and multi-point calibration options are available.
  • The Levelogger communicates with other devices via an optical infrared to USB/RS232 connection. The unit can be easily integrated with a Solinst Telemetry System.
  • Small (7/8" x 7.5"), low-maintenance design allows for use in narrow spaces.
  • The Levelogger can be deployed via a direct read or non-vented cable.

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