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Environmental Radiation Monitors, Detectors and Accessories

Environmental Equipment and Supply rents a full line of general and specific purpose environmental radiation monitors and equipment. Our environmental radiation monitoring devices are fully calibrated and available with check sources.

What to Look for in an Environmental Radiation Monitor

With quality products from Ludlum, Bicron and other leading manufacturers, any one of our environmental radiation monitors are a smart choice for deployment in environmental remediation sites. That being said, some units are better suited to certain applications than others. Things to consider when choosing an environmental radiation monitoring instrument include the following:

  • Type of radiation: Different types of radiation are present in different environments. Do you want a unit that detects alpha rays, beta rays, gamma rays, x-rays or a combination?
  • Data logging: Do you need an environmental radiation detector for personal exposure monitoring or for collecting data for research/remediation purposes?
  • Response time: Different environmental radiation detectors have different response times. Choose one that is most appropriate to your purpose.
  • Calibration: If you plan on extensive field work, choose a device that is easy to calibrate.

If you’re not sure which environmental radiation detector is right for you, call Environmental Equipment & Supply, and let us analyze your needs and help you choose.

Radiation Monitors and Equipment
Weekly Monthly
Ludlum Model 3- General Purpos Ratemeter $ 20 $ 60 Rent »
Ludlum Model 9 Ion Chamber $ 40 $ 120 Rent »
Ludlum Model 19 – MicroR Meter $ 35 $ 100 Rent »
Ludlum Model 2221 w/44-9 Beta & Beta/Gamma Scaler/Ratemeter $ 85 $ 230 Rent »
Ludlum Model 2221 w/44-10 Gamma Scaler/Ratemeter $ 100 $ 320 Rent »
Ludlum Model 2929 w/43-10-1 Alpha/Beta Sample Counter $ 90 $ 280 Rent »
Ludlum Model 2360 w/43-89 Alpha/Beta Data Logger $ 75 $ 245 Rent »
Ludlum Model 2360 w/43-93 Alpha/Beta Data Logger $ 80 $ 260 Rent »
Ludlum Model 2350-1 w/43-89 Alpha/Beta Data Logger $ 90 $ 290 Rent »
Ludlum Model 2350-1 w/43-93 Alpha/Beta Data Logger $ 95 $ 305 Rent »
Ludlum Model 2350-1 w/44-10 Gamma Data Logger $ 100 $ 320 Rent »
Ludlum Model 2350-1 w/44-116 Beta Data Logger $ 90 $ 290 Rent »
Ludlum Model 2350-1 w/43-37 (floor monitor w/regulator and cart) $ 180 $ 520 Rent »
Bicron Micro-Rem $ 110 $ 300 Rent »
Canberra Inspector 1000 Radionuclide Identifier $ 300 $ 900 Rent »
Check Source - Only rented with instrumentation
-Th-230 $ 35 $ 100 Rent »
-Cs-137 $ 25 $ 55 Rent »
-SrY-90 $ 35 $ 100 Rent »
Low Volume Air Sampler, LV-1 $ 35 $ 105 Rent »
Personal Sampling Pump, BZ SKC $ 40 $ 120 Rent »
Tennelec Series 5XLB Gas Flow Proportional Counter $ 1,000 $ 3,000 Rent »
Canberra HPGe Gamma Spectroscopy Unit w/ Operator Call for quote Rent »
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Rent Environmental Radiation Monitors With Confidence

Environmental Equipment and Supply makes environmental radiation monitoring and detection simple! With our rental radiation monitors and equipment, you can get your job done at a low cost and return the equipment when you are finished. Renting environmental equipment for one-time use is a great alternative to buying. Our rental equipment includes a wide variety of different radiation monitors, meters and counters. We offer a weekly or monthly price for renting environmental radiation monitoring equipment. Whether you need an air sampling pump, need to detect gamma ray or x-rays or require a reliable radiation monitor for general purpose survey, we will assist you in renting a high quality portable piece of equipment to suit your environmental needs. With the check sources we have available, we certify that our instruments and detector systems operate correctly.

Stay Safe With Environmental Equipment & Supply

Radiation monitors are useful for checking your facilities, personnel or property for radioactive contamination from sources in the environment. Environmental radiation monitoring is important to the safety of those in the utility, industrial, medical, government and academic industries. Our equipment and instruments will ensure your safety, improve your space and provide you with valuable information regarding your surroundings. Renting through Environmental Equipment and Supply is simple. Contact Environmental Equipment and Supply today for rental information and for all your environmental radiation monitoring equipment needs.