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Ludlum Model 2360 Radiation Monitor

Ludlum Model 2360 Radiation Monitor
$ 75 $ 245

The Ludlum Model 2360 Radiation Monitor is used for Alpha, beta discrimination, and data logging. It includes Model 43-89 Proportional and dual phosphor scintillation detectors. The Data Logger is capable of logging up to 550 individual data points.

Note: Rental prices include the 2360 Meter and a Scintillator. When renting, please specify if you would like the 43-89 Alpha/Beta Scintillator or the 43-93 Scintillator.



  • Data Logger
  • Simultaneous Alpha/Beta Counting
  • 6 Digit LCD Scaler
  • Ratemeter with Total Counting Range from 0 - 500,000 cpm
  • RS-232 Output
  • Optional Keypad for setup
  • Bar Code Reader
  • Alpha Only, Beta Only, or Alpha/Beta Counts