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Ludlum Model 3 Radiation Monitor

Ludlum Model 3 Radiation Monitor
$ 20 $ 60

Ludlum Model 3 Radiation Monitors are used for general purpose surveying. Compatible detectors are the scintillation and G-M.

Completely portable, Ludlum model 3 radiation monitors feature a regulated high-voltage power supply, unimorph speaker with audio on-off capability, fast-slow meter response, meter reset button, and a six-position switch for selecting battery check or scale multiples of x0.1, x1, x10 and x100. Each range multiplier has its own calibration potentiometer. The unit body and meter housing are made of cast aluminum. Ludlum model 3 radiation monitoring equipment is an industry work horse that will last decades if taken care of properly.



  • 4 Ranges
  • Utilizes G-M, or Scintillation Detectors
  • Typical Counting Range from 0 - 200 mR/hr, or 0 - 500,000 cpm
  • Greater Than 2000 Hour Battery Life