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Voss Bailers

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Voss Polyethylene Bailer

SingleSample® Disposable Polyethylene Bailers

Save time in the field and work smarter by using the improved 1 1/2" Single Sample® Disposable Polyethylene bailers.

New features include an improved top and stainless steel weight design so they fill and empty as fast or faster than any other bailer on the market and provide easier threading of up to 1/4" twine or rope.All Standard Single Sample® disposable bailers feature our patented, Dome Design™ top and bottom to facilitate well entry and removal. They also help prevent well casing debris from contaminating the sample as the bailer is removed from the well.

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Voss Bailers Part Number Price
1.5' x 36' Poly, White SCW 51033 $ 5.15 Order »
1.5' x 36' Poly, White SCW - Case 24 51033 $ 96.00 case Order »
3' x 36' Poly, White SCW 51034 $ 13.95 Order »

Bailer Disposable FEP

SingleSample® Disposable FEP Bailer

The SingleSample® disposable FEP Bailer is designed to meet the most demanding quality assurance programs. With the SingleSample® disposable FEP Bailer, you can eliminate cross contamination and decon time while meeting the requirements of quality assurance programs that limit most sampling devices by using FEP Bailers.
The SingleSample® FEP Bailer can be used in any environment to eliminate exposing expensive, reusable bailers to high concentrations of contaminants that can cause permanent damage.
SingleSample® bailers also eliminate repeated employee exposure to toxic substances during decon that pose a health risk due to cumulative effects in the body. Try a FEP Bailer for your next demanding sampling project.

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Voss Bailers Part Number Price
1.5' x 12' FEP Rigid, Clear SCW - MOST POPULAR 51031 $ 15.75 Order »
1.5' x 36' FEP Rigid Clear, SC 11060 $ 23.50 Order »
1.5' x 36' FEP Rigid Clear, SC, Case-12 11060 $ 258.00 case Order »

Pressurized Bailer

SingleSample® Disposable Pressurized Bailer

The SingleSample® disposable bailer you can use to filter samples in the field for metal analysis.The SingleSample® pressurized disposable bailer system is designed to provide an easy method for filtering metal samples in the field. The pressurized bailer's rugged polyethylene construction permits use for both bailing and sampling wells while eliminating cross contamination and decon time. Use the vacuum pump #50485 with any pressurized bailer to filter the sample through a Voss micron filter.

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Voss Bailers Part Number Price
1.65' x 36' Sample Disp., Pressurized, Single Check 50484 $ 12.50 Order »
1.65' x 36' Sample Disp., Pressurized, Single Check, Case-12 50484 $ 144.00 case Order »
Voss Vacuum Pump 50485 $ 89.00 Order »

Environmental Equipment and Supply proudly offers Voss Technology Bailers that allows easy ground water sampling. Voss Technologies, developed the first truly disposable bailer and, and has been a reliable, industry-leading retailer since 1988. Voss bailers help keep you and your employees safe from chemicals and other contaminates that seep into ground water through accurate sampling. Leaking septic tanks and leaking gas station systems are common culprits of water contamination. To keep your ground water safe, trust Voss Technology. Voss was the first retailer to develop a truly disposable bailer. The simple one-use design makes sampling easy and simple. Stop the monotonous and time consuming routine of dropping the bailer in and pulling it out. Get a Voss bailer today!

If you have any questions about Voss Technology's bailers, Environmental Equipment and Supply can help. Call our toll free number 800.739.7706 to talk with a knowledgeable representative or contact us online today!