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Aqua Bailers

Aqua Bailers

Environmental Equipment & Supply is a proud supplier of Aqua Bailer products for environmental professionals across the country. With competitive pricing and an experienced, knowledgeable staff that is committed to our customers, we can get you the bailers you need to get the job done right. Contact our team from 6am-7pm, Mondays through Fridays, for more information.


About Bailer Products

SinkFast Bailer - Simply the fastest sinking bailer on the market!

The SinkFast aqua bailer features four welds at the top and bottom of every unit for the highest level of sample security. True to its name, the SinkFast is the fastest-sinking device on the market, greatly speeding up the sample collection process and saving you time in the field. The SinkFast is an economical choice that gives you the strength and reliability of 100% virgin PVC construction at a much lower price point than competing devices. Other features of the SinkFast include:


SinkFast Bailers

  • Perfectly clear visual sample inspection.
  • Easy-to-use tie-off top.
  • Bailer top and nozzle and made from high-quality polyethylene.
  • Cleaned to EPA protocols and independently proven to maintain sample integrity.
  • Can be used with a Quickfitter bailer interface tube for pressurization-free field filtering.
  • 1 liter capacity.
  • 36" length, 1.6" diameter for fitting in narrow wells and boreholes.

    Part Number Price
    1.6" x 36" PVC, Sink Fast 17246 $ 4.95 Order »
    1.6" x 36" PVC, Sink Fast Case - 24 17246 $ 96.00 Order »

    Disposable Bailers
    Environmental Equipment & Supply sells three different disposable Aqua Bailers products, offering weighted, unweighted and double-weighted bailers at lengths between 12" and 84". All disposable aqua bailers are made of high-quality materials to ensure the strictest standards for sample integrity are met.

  • Polyethylene: Disposable poly aqua bailers are made from 100% pure virgin polyethylene and feature rigid construction to prevent against warping and collapsing. The strictest quality control methods are employed during production to ensure the finished product will not leak. Disposable poly bailers feature an open-top design that leaves almost an inch of space for easy tie-ons. Both single- and double-check valve models are available, the latter of which can be used for sampling at specific depths. Our double check valve bailer 9part #54748) comes in 36" length:
  • FEP: FEP (Teflon®) bailers are built to remain sturdy even in corrosive and reactive environments, ensuring accurate testing for organic materials. The unit features a Teflon® ball and stainless steel weight for unsurpassed sample protection. Disposable FEP aqua bailers are made of 100% virgin materials and are available in 12", 18" and 36" lengths. Double- and single-CK valve configurations, weighted, unweighted and double-weighted models are all available. Sold in cases of 12.
  • PVC: Clear, disposable PVC aqua bailers are independently tested to ensure the highest levels of sample integrity possible. Because they allow for a visual inspection of the sample, PVC bailers are ideal for use in groundwater fieldwork. As with all disposable bailers, the PVC model is constructed with 100% virgin materials. Extensive quality controls ensure each bailer falls directly and doesn't adhere to the side of the borehole.


  • Polyethylene   
    Part Number  Price
    0.5" x 36" Poly, White, SCDW 34592 $ 4.20 Order »
    0.75" x 36" Poly, White SCDW 18588 $ 4.95 Order »
    1.6" x 12" Poly, White, SCDW 42390 $ 5.30 Order »
    1.6" x 36" Poly, DISP., White, SCW 17491 $ 4.75 Order »
    1.6" x 36" Poly, White, DCDW (for discrete depth sampling) 54748 $ 12.00 Order »
    1.6" x 48" Poly, White, SCDW 51032 $ 6.50 Order »
    Part Number  Price
    1.6" x 36" FEP, SCW 39834 $ 22.50 Order »

    Part Number  Price
    1.6" x 36" PVC, SC, Clear 17240 $ 4.80 Order »
    3.5" x 36" PVC, Clear, CSW (large volume) 38935 $ 12.55 Order »
    1.6" x 12" PVC, Interface Bailer 11058 $ 4.75 Order »
    1.6" x 36" PVC, Interface Bailer 11061 $75.00 Order »