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RKI Instruments Gas Tracer - Methane Leak Detector and Multigas Monitor

RKI Instruments Gas Tracer


Gas Tracer Price List Configurations
Gas Tracer Data Sheet
$ 65 $ 195 $ 600

The RKI Gas Tracer works both as a multigas monitor or a leak detector and is the choice of gas line professionals.  RKI's Gas Tracer is a versitile 5 gas detection instrument that can monitor with up to 3 different types of combustible gas sensors for applications like leak detection, pipeline monitoring, and purge testing. Along with the standard % LEL, CO and O2 sensors for confined space, the RKI Gas Tracer can be fitted with a methane sensor capable of reading down to 10 ppm and a thermal conductivity sensor for reading up to 100% volume methane.  The Gas Tracer is excellent for gas line purge testing and detection of small gas leaks.

What makes the RKI Gas Tracer different from other gas detection instruments is its CH4 leak tracker mode.  When in use the leak tracker mode provides an escalating audio and visual signal to pinpoint small leaks.  The Gas Tracer's large LCD display shows all gas readings, battery levels, time, and will automatically backlight in alarm conditions. Calibration and bump test intervals and reminders are user adjustable and can be set to either go into alarm or to lock the user out of normal measurement mode once a calibration period has expired. Calibrations can be performed automatically or individually in single calibration mode. The Gas Tracer is also compatible with the economical SDM-2012 single channel calibration station.  The gas monitor features a strong internal pump both water and dust resistant.  Each RKI Gas Tracer comes with a two year warranty.

When you rent a Gas Tracer from Environmental Equipment & Supply it comes with sensor configuration for 0-100% LEL, 0-100% VOL Methane, CO, O2 and H2S. 

As an athorized RKI Distributor, Environmental Equipment & Supply offers excellent pricing on all RKI instrutments. Call 800-739-7706 for your quote today.


  • Monitors ppm, LEL, and % volume methane, O2 and CO
  • ppm leak detector, detects down to 10 ppm CH4
  • “Leak tracker” audible/visual alarm mode
  • 0 to 100% volume Methane option
  • Auto-ranging display of % LEL and % volume
  • Barhole test mode
  • Bump test reminder option
  • Snap-logging - on demand data recording
  • Pump pause on demand extends battery life
  • Status indicators: —Pump active, microprocessor status and battery level
  • Internal sample drawing pump with up to 50 foot range
  • Vibration, visual, and audible alarms
  • Automatic backlight during alarms
  • Calibration reminder with lock out option
  • Lithium ion or alkaline power source (interchangeable)
  • Quick charge
  • Glove friendly large buttons
  • Alarm latching or non-latching
  • High impact protective rubber overmolding
  • Up to 600 hours of datalogging with alarm trends
  • Autocalibration or single calibration
  • TWA and STEL readings with lunch-break mode
  • Intrinsically safe, ATEX/IECEX/CE, c CSA us (pending)
  • High dust and water resistant
  • 2 year warranty