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FrenchCreek Confined Space Recovery System

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FrenchCreek S50G-M7 Recovery Systems include a 7 foot aluminum tripod and series MW50G 3-way winch with Lifeline, mounting bracket, carabiner, pulley, and 50' galvanized cable. Manufactured of a rugged steel frame and drum, the MW50G work winch offers raising and lowering capabilities with a friction brake that prevents the unit from free-wheeling when under a load. The FrenchCreek S50G-M7 Recovery System comes with a Winch Carrying Bag. Harness is included, note your size at time of order. When your life is on the line, rely on our selection of FrenchCreek products.



  • Three-in-one functionality.
  • Use as a retractable lifeline, as well as a system to lower or raise personnel in an emergency situation.

FrenchCreek Tripod:

  • Made of rugged anodized tubing.
  • Legs can be adjusted separately in 13.97 cm intervals with easy-release locks.
  • Working heights range from 1.17 m to 2.11 m.
  • Weight: 85 lbs.