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Manhole Cover Lift System

Manhole Cover Lift System
 Rental Pricing
$ 25 $ 85 $ 250
Part NumberPrice
Powerlift Magnet 32001 $ 715
Manhole Dolly 32004 $ 690


Quickly, safely and magnetically remove and replace manhole covers with IMI's magnetic Manhole Cover Lift Systems.

Our Magnetic Manhole Cover Lifts do the heavy lifting work for you, minimizing stress & strain on your back and body, and providing excellent protection against slipping and falling, especially in rainy, snowy or icy conditions. Utilizing our powerful, Rare Earth PowerLift® magnets in combination with our lift dolly, even a single person can lift and move a heavy, cumbersome manhole cover with ease.

The deep reaching strength of our Rare Earth PowerLift® magnets can penetrate uneven, textured surfaces often found on manhole covers, eliminating the fear of dropping the load being lifted due to power failures and protecting you from crushed toes, feet or ankles.

Reduce your risk of painful and costly injuries and lost-time accidents by having the right equipment for the job - IMI's Magnetic Manhole Cover Lift System.

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