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Fisher TW-6 Line Locator

Fisher TW-6 Line Locator
$ 45 $ 160 $ 400


Fisher TW-6 Line Locator Brochure

The TW-6 is an industry leading "two box" locator, designed to find pipes, cables and other metallic objects. This unit is ideal for conducting blind searches and tracing out utility lines.

The TW-6, like earlier models, will be primarily used by water departments, telephone companies, electric power companies, gas companies and petroleum pipeline companies to know where to dig, and sometimes more importantly where NOT to dig in making repairs or rearranging buried lines. With the Center Bar (three piece handle), the boxes can be used to locate buried tanks. This feature allows the user to find the edge of the tank.

We recommend you read the operator's manual before you rent this equipment. You are responsible for understanding how to use it prior to use. Freight charges are added to all rentals.



  • Tracing distance increased 50 - 100%.
  • Crystal controlled frequency in both transmitter and receiver. This keeps both transmitter and receiver precisely on the same frequency for longer tracing distance.
  • VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) gives a much wider range of signal to indicate the presence of metal. Even after the meter pegs, the sound goes much higher in pitch and volume in response to signal strength.
  • Specific noise canceling circuitry has been added to eliminate power line interference.
  • The TW-6 is powered by eight (8) standard AA (penlight) batteries in the transmitter and in the receiver.
  • An optional rechargeable Ni-Cad battery kit is available with the same number of batteries and a charger.
  • At 5 - 1/2 lbs., the TW-6 is 1.5 lbs. lighter than the previous Model TW-5.