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In-Situ Troll 9500 Multiparameter Data Logger

Troll 9500
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We believe the Troll 9500 to be the best water quality instrument for monitoring & logging water parameters for field use.  Designed for groundwater and surface water monitoring, the powerful and portable TROLL® 9500 houses up to 9 water quality sensors, internal power, with data logging capabilities. We rent the Professional XP model in 30 and 100 PSI. Sensors include: pH, Conductivity, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Temperature, and Depth.  Each unit comes with a flow cell and can be used for low flow sampling or long-term recording.  Cables can be added in varying lengths & depths.

Environmental Equipment & Supply also sells the In-situ Troll 9500



  • Estuary evaluations
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Low-flow sampling
  • Long-term deployments
  • Mine water quality analysis
  • Remediation projects
  • Spot checking
  • TMDL assessments
  • Stormwater outfall studies
  • Surface water testing
  • Vertical profiling

The TROLL® 9500 comes with the following field-ready sensors:

  • pH or pH/ORP – Extend field use with durable sensors. The re-buildable pH sensor outlasts traditional sensors.
  • Temperature – Compensate conductivity, DO, pH, and nutrient data with this fast, accurate sensor.
  • Barometric pressure – Use this sensor to compensate water level and DO values.
  • DO – Clark cell sensor.
  • Conductivity – Characterize water quality in actual conductivity, specific conductivity, salinity, TDS, or specific gravity.
  • Level/Pressure – Receive guaranteed accuracy. Non-vented and vented sensors are available for several ranges.
  • Turbidity or Turbidity/Level – Comply with ISO standards. The turbidity sensor uses ISO 7027 method. An optional wiper is available. Use at high-fouling sites or for lengthy deployments.

Our rental model is the Professional XP – The most capable TROLL 9500 offers features available on the Professional and supports XP or Extended Parameter sensors: turbidity, ammonium, chloride, or nitrate.

Environmental Equipment & Supply sells & services the Troll 9500 Instrument. Should you desire a quote for purchase, please call us at 800-739-7706.