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In-Situ LevelTROLL® 700 Rentals

LevelTROLL 700
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  • Multi-step aquifer testing
  • Slug tests
  • Pumping tests
  • Tidal influence & wave characterization
  • River, lake, stream gauging
  • Landslide & flood prevention
  • Stormwater monitoring
  • Flow measurements
  • Research, studies
  • Marine buoys
  • Water pumping management
  • Estuaries and coastal monitoring
  • .72 inches in diamter

The In-Situ LevelTROLL® 700 is the ideal logger to rent for a number of applications, including multi-step aquifer testing, tidal influence and wave characterization, storm water monitoring, flood prevention and any other situation where real-time, barometric pressure compensated readings are necessary. Available to rent by the day, week or month from Environmental Equipment & Supply, the In-Situ LevelTROLL® 700 offers power and accuracy in a streamlined package, perfect for use in narrow-diameter wells and observation tubing. The LevelTROLL 700 is .72 inches in diameter.

Advanced Logging Features

The LevelTROLL® 700 features some of the most sophisticated logging capabilities available today, giving you the ability to customize the way you collect data. Unique features of the In-Situ LevelTROLL® 700 include pausing, which allows you to suspend logging while the unit is being removed and begin again later where you left off. The unit also features a re-start button for multi-stage pumping tests that permits collecting multiple log cycles at different sampling rates in the same file.

The 700 series LevelTROLL® includes several logging modes not available on earlier models, including linear, linear average, event, true logarithmic, step log and fast linear, giving you advanced flexibility in how you monitor data.

Environmental Equipment & Supply also sells the In-Situ LevelTROLL 700. Contact us today for pricing!

Other Features and Technical Specifications

  • The LevelTROLL® 700's narrow, all-titanium casing is corrosion-resistant for use in brackish, acidic and marine environments. TIG-welded design eliminates O-ring seals, preventing flooding while allowing the unit to fit easily into spaces less than one inch in diameter.
  • An ultra-low power system provides extended battery life that allows you to keep working without worrying about losing power.
  • Twist-Lock™ connectors lock tight for guaranteed reliability.
  • Ask for a cable extender to combine cables together.
  • Accurate sensors detect and record even the smallest changes in water level and temperature at rates as high as four samples per second, making the device suitable for wave modeling and earthquake detection applications.
  • The unit can be used in temperatures ranging from -20 to 80˚C, allowing you to monitor geothermal and hot spring levels with confidence.
  • The LevelTROLL® 700 features storage for up to 4 MB — or 350,000 records — of log data. The unit comes bundled with Win-Situ® software for intuitive data monitoring with a large-format display that's easy to read from a distance.
  • An "undelete" feature prevents accidental data loss.

Rent the In-Situ LevelTROLL® 700

Get started with the In-Situ LevelTROLL® 700 today! All rental units from Environmental Equipment & Supply come fully inspected and calibrated by our factory-trained technicians, and they include everything you need to take advantage of the unit's powerful water level monitoring features. Contact our rental team today for LevelTroll® pricing and more information.