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Seismic Testing Equipment

Geophysical Services and Testing Equipment     
Seismic Prep Fee Daily Weekly Monthly
Geode 24 Seismograph and accessories $ 135 $ 105 $ 425 $ 2,100 Rent »
Land Streamer $ 125 $ 95 $ 425 $ 1,500 Rent »

Seismic Testing Equipment

Environmental Equipment & Supply is your headquarters for a reliable seismic testing equipment rental. Renting enables you to get fast access to the equipment you need to get the job done, without having to make a long-term investment.

We rent a number of high-quality seismic testing instruments from top manufacturers at affordable daily, weekly and monthly rates. All seismic testing equipment comes fully calibrated and ready to use for your convenience. We also guarantee the dependability of our equipment — you can rent from us with total confidence.

Our seismic testing equipment inventory includes:

  • Geode 24 Seismograph and Accessories — Our most popular rental, this Geode seismic recorder is the perfect choice for refraction, reflection, downhole or VSP applications, as well as tomography surveys. Use this lightweight, versatile recorder for everything from petroleum exploration and monitoring to engineering studies, hydraulic investigations and more. The Geode 24 easily connects to any PC or laptop via standard network port. It also can be plugged into your building network for remote operation.

    You’ll find a wide range of accessories to maximize Geode 24 performance including Geophone 4.5 Hz 10 Hz and 28Hz Vertical Compression, 14 Hz Horizontal Shear and Take Out Cables.

  • Land Streamer — The Geostuff Land Streamer features 4.5 Hz Kooter-style vertical compression Geophones and is ideal for efficient and productive seismic exploration. Designed for easy towing along the ground, the Land Streamer simplifies the process of keeping track of reconnaissance miles. Use the Geostuff Land Streamer with the PEG-40 for even faster data collection. Typical Land Streamer applications include reflection, refraction and MASW surveys. Regardless of application, the Geostuff Land Streamer will provide quality data and information you can always rely on.

  • PEG-40 — This state-of-the-art Propelled Energy Generator offers a fast, economical solution for generating energy waves for tasks such as mapping bedrock, locating pipeline sewers, imaging buried power lines and others. The portable PEG-40 is also equipped with a two-inch hitch hookup for easy towing to your job site via pickup truck, SUV or ATV. A standard 12V battery is all that is required to power the PEG-40, making it extremely economical to operate for an extended time. The entire unit consists of only two components, making assembly and installation a fast and easy process. Users can operate the device by hand, which provides pinpoint control in either single or continuous-cycle mode.

We Make Renting Seismic Testing Equipment a Fast and Efficient Process

At Environmental Equipment & Supply, we understand the importance of getting seismic testing equipment to your job site as quickly as possible. That’s why we make renting the equipment you need a fast and efficient process. We can even arrange to ship your equipment to remote locations when necessary. Ongoing support is also included with every equipment rental, including reliable technical assistance.

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