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NoisePro DLX

NoisePro DLX
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The NoisePro DLX is a rugged and reliable instrument for noise detection and analysis. As one of the most predominant occupational health hazards in the workplace, noise can cause permanent hearing loss, inhibit communications, reduce the ability to concentrate, and increase the risk of injuries. Noise monitoring, as part of a hearing conservation program, is a crucial part of any workplace where noise is an issue. The NoisePro DLX helps safety professionals and workers efficiently monitor noise exposure.

With an IP-65 rated casing, intrinsic safety certifications and advanced features, the NoisePro DLX is ideal for a wide-range of applications, from general noise surveys to mining and petrochemical noise exposure sampling. Combined with QuestSuite Professional Software, NoisePro DLX provides advanced reporting and record keeping. An impressive 128 x 64 pixel backlit LCD display and intuitive user interface provide easy access to data and setup information. Other features include a virtual docking station, real-time compliance indicator, and calibration management. An optional vibrating belt clip prompts users to use hearing protection or to terminate exposure when daily limits are reached.



  • Up to four independent dosimeters in one
  • Data logging feature that provides average and maximum readings (Lavg/Leq, SlowMax, FastMax) at fixed, 1-minute intervals.
  • Statistical distribution profiling via QuestSuite Professional II with virtual docking station
  • Programmable twice daily or up to (4) one-time, scheduled runs
  • Available in Class/Type 1 or 2 accuracy
  • Data shuttle carries results from multiple dosimeters in the field or on the plant floor back to your computer
  • Expanded time history data
  • Optional vibrating alarm
  • Real-time compliance indicator
  • English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian languages
  • Optional boom microphone
  • Microphone removal detection
  • IP-65 rated, industrial grade cast aluminum case
  • High-Speed infrared RS-232 communications