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Submersible Pump Troubleshooting

Submersible pump won't start:
Power is not supplied to the submersible pump Place a voltmeter across power lines coming into the submersible pump to check the power supply for the overload protection box. The power company should be consulted if there is no power to the box.
There is no overload protection Examine the circuit breaker and the fuses to the submersible pump to ensure that they are operating correctly. Replace blown fuses and reset the breaker if it has been tripped.
Pressure switch on submersible pump is damaged With the submersible pump pressure switch in a closed position, check the voltage across the switch. If the voltage drop is at the same level as the line voltage, the switch is obviously not making contact. The contact points should be cleaned and/or the pressure switch replaced for the submersible pump.
Submersible pump starts up too much:
Defective pressure switch on submersible pump or pressure switch not adjusted properly Examine pressure setting switch for defects. Readjust pressure switch when necessary. Replace pressure switch on submersible pump or reduce pressure setting.
Pressure tank leaks above water level Apply a soapy mixture to the whole tank surface of the submersible pump. Bubbles indicate that air is escaping. Replace submersible pump tank.
Plumbing system leak in submersible pump Service line should be examined for leaks. Repair leaks in service line.
Leak in discharge line check valve Remove and inspect. Replace discharge line if necessary.
Plugged air volume control on submersible pump Remove and examine air volume control Replace air volume control on submersible pump
Plugged snifter valve on submersible pump Remove and inspect snifter valve. Replace snifter valve on submersible pump.
Submersible pump will not stop running:
Pressure switch on the submersible pump is defective Pressure switch points may have adhered to each other causing the switch to remain in a closed position. Clean the points on the pressure switch. If this does not work, the switch on the submersible pump needs to be replaced.
Drop line has a leak Raise the pipe on the submersible pump and check for leaks. The damaged section of the drop pipe should be replaced.
Level of water in well is too low Restrain the output flow of the submersible pump, then wait for the well to recover. Re-start the pump. Keep the valve at the restricted setting if this has remedied the problem. If not, the submersible pump must be lowered further down in the well.
Submersible pump parts are damaged The impeller, casing, and other parts of the submersible pump may be worn due to abrasives in the water. Lower the pressure switch setting. If the pump shuts off, damaged parts are the probable cause.. Replace worn parts on the submersible pump.
Submersible pump works but delivers little or no water:
Submersible pump may be air-locked Start and stop pump repeatedly. If submersible pump begins working, air lock was the problem. If the trouble isn’t corrected by performing this test, move on to the next possible problem.
Water level too low in submersible pump Well production could be too low. Limit flow of pump output, then wait for well to recover and re-start. If partial limitation of flow corrects the problem leave the valve at the restricted setting.
Discharge line check valve installed backwards on submersible pump Make sure arrow that indicates direction of flow on check valve is pointed in the right direction. If check valve is not pointed in the right direction, then reverse the valve.
Drop pipe leaks Lift up pipe and inspect for leaks Replace the damaged part of drop pipe
Blocked pump intake screen Examine intake screen on the submersible pump and check for mud or sand blockage. Clean screen and make sure submersible pump is reinstalled many feet above the well bottom.
Drop pipe jamming submersible pump check valve Raise pump to inspect drop pipe connection to pump outlet. Threaded area of drop pipe may be screwed in too far, jamming the check valve in a closed position. Loosen the drop pipe and cut off a portion of the threads. Then screw it back on the pipe, freeing the submersible pump check valve.
Worn pump parts Reduce setting on pressure switch to see if the submersible pump shuts off. If it does, check for worn parts Pull submersible pump and replace the worn components.
Loose motor shaft Pull up submersible pump to inspect the motor shaft. Re-tighten all of the connections.
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