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Borehole Cameras

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Cameras Prep Fee Daily Weekly Monthly
Borehole Camera, Laval Underground, R-CAM 1000 $ 100 $ 250 $ 975 $ 3,500 Rent »
Borehole Camera, Well-VU 500 Foot w/Fisheye
Camera System
$ 75 $ 125 $ 400 $ 1,500 Rent »

Borehole Cameras

Do you need reliable equipment for your borehole monitoring applications? One option is to purchase a borehole camera and other monitoring equipment, but this can result in a substantial cost to your company. A more budget-friendly alternative is to rent borehole cameras from Environmental Equipment & Supply.

For more than 25 years, we’ve been providing a wide range of environmental, commercial and construction operations with the equipment they need to get the job done with greater speed and efficiency. You can count on us for dependable, easy-to-use borehole cameras for rent at affordable rates.

Our borehole camera equipment selection includes:

  • Laval Borehole Cameras Laval Underground Surveys has been at the forefront of underground camera and video equipment innovation for more than 60 years. Environmental Equipment & Supply is proud to be the only authorized Laval dealer in the United States that offers the revolutionary Laval Underground R-CAM 1000 for rent. This highly advanced borehole camera combines small size with cutting-edge imaging capabilities, making it suitable for applications such as groundwater monitoring, tool retrieval, after-service inspection and maintenance.

    You can expand the capabilities of the R-CAM 1000 by adding the R-CAM Tri-Light, which significantly increases the camera’s viewing range. You can also exchange the standard camera on the R-CAM 1000 with the SC-166, which provides excellent visibility in narrow-well applications.

  • Well-Vu Bore CamerasWell-Vu has been providing effective downhole viewing solutions for nearly 50 years. Well-Bu borehole camera systems feature a powerful fisheye camera that offers superior performance in tight spaces and 180º viewing capabilities. Other key features include a manually operated cable crank system that enables the camera to reach depths of up to 500 feet. The user-friendly digital video command console enables efficient remote monitoring.

    Well-Vu borehole cameras also feature rugged construction, including a shock-resistant camera housing, which is essential for long-lasting performance in underwater applications. Regardless of your application, you get the benefit of sophisticated lighting and imaging technology to ensure fast and accurate data capturing. The unit operates via 12 VDC battery powered by 12-inch jumper cables. This borehole camera also includes a microphone for voice-over recording and narrating.

  • Flexible and Convenient Borehole Camera Renting From Environmental Equipment & Supply

    Whether Well-Vu or Laval borehole cameras are the best choice for your company, you’re assured of getting high-quality calibrated instruments at affordable prices when you rent from Environmental Equipment & Supply. You’ll also have the flexibility to choose a rental term that best meets your needs, whether it’s by the day, week or month. With renting, you won’t have to worry about making a long-term commitment or tying up capital that can be used to bolster other areas of your operation.

    We can even ship borehole cameras to remote locations, which can dramatically reduce your transportation costs. Complete support is included with all rental units.

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