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ToxiRAE 3 Personal Gas Detector

ToxiRAE 3

Monitor only includes:

  • (1/ea) ToxiRAE 3 monitor with H2S, CO or
    CO (High Range) sensor (as specified)
  • CD with Operation manual
  • Rugged alligator clip
  • Functional gas test adapter
  • Calibration certificate
  • Quick start guide


ToxiRAE 3 Data Sheet

RAE Systems' ToxiRAE 3 meter is a value-priced personal gas monitor that gives you fast, accurate information about your exposure to hydrogen sulfide or carbon monoxide. Rugged and portable, the ToxiRAE 3 meter comes with a two year warranty and provides the lowest cost of ownership on the market. As an authorized RAE Systems dealer and service center, Environmental Equipment and Supply is an exclusive nationwide provider of the ToxiRAE meter and other high-quality RAE Systems products.

Sensor Options

The RAE ToxiRAE 3 meter is available with three difference sensor configurations:
  • Hydrogen sulfide: Provides accurate detection of H2S at a range of 0-100 parts per million (ppm), with a 0.1 ppm resolution for precision accuracy.

  • Low-range carbon monoxide: Provides CO detection from 0-500 ppm with a 1 ppm resolution.

  • High-range carbon monoxide: An extended-range CO sensor is also available, detecting trace amounts of CO up to 1999 ppm with a resolution of 10 ppm.

Features and Technical Specifications

ToxiRAE 3 monitors include the following advanced features:
  • A three-electrode pinless micro sensor that provides high-performance detection and monitoring with a response time of less than 12 seconds.

  • An easy-to-read display that gives you fast access to STEL, TWA, high and low value data readings.

  • An intuitive programming interface that allows you to set exposure limits you can rely on.

  • A three-stage alarm warns users when exposure limits are breached and three-level buzzer, LED and vibration warning system, ensuring alerts don't go unnoticed, even during busy field work.

  • An internal memory that provides logging of up to ten events.

  • Color-coded labels based on the type of gas sensor installed making managing multiple devices simple.

  • Quality construction that is approved for use in temperatures ranging from -4° to 140°F (-20° to 60°C).

  • IP 67 certification for water- and dust-resistance.


The budget-friendly ToxiRAE 3 H2S and CO monitor is ideal for use in any situation where ensuring responder safety from toxic gases is critical. Emergency response teams, environmental remediation and cleanup crews, fire service, industrial, oil and gas processing facility workers all rely on ToxiRAE devices to stay safe on the job.

Accessories and Package Deals

As an exclusive distributor of the ToxiRAE 3 CO monitor, Environmental Equipment and Supply offers special bulk pricing on orders of multiple units. Budget-priced packs of 10 or 100 make outfitting your entire team cost-effective. Sensors come pre-installed with 2 or 3 AA lithium batteries and include a calibration adaptor, training materials and a convenient belt clip.

Also available is the AutoRAE Lite automatic test and calibration station that provides rapid bump tests and sensor calibration so used devices can be returned to service quickly.

For more information about the ToxiRAE 3 and other RAE Systems products, contact Environmental Equipment and Supply today.


GasDescriptionRange PPMPart Number
H2S Hydrogen Sulfide 0 – 100 G01-0102-000
CO Carbon Monoxide 0 – 500 G01-0101-000
CO Carbon Monoxide 0 – 1999 G01-0103-000
ToxiRAE 3 Parts and Accessories
Part NumberDescriptionUse with...
500-0076-100 Replacement Lithium Battery All ToxiRAE II, ToxiRAE 3
G01-2013-100 External filters
(pack of 100)
ToxiRAE 3
G01-2010-010 Calibration Adapter with Tubing
(Pack of 10)
All ToxiRAE 3