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RAE Systems

RAE Systems

Environmental Equipment and Supply is proud to be a nationwide supplier of RAE Systems products for rental and sale. A leading manufacturer of professional-grade contaminant detection products, RAE Systems instruments are trusted by first responders throughout the world. Click on the links below for more information about the following RAE Systems products: 

Environmental Equipment and Supply is an authorized RAE Systems Sales and Service Center.

RAE Systems Wireless Protection
The advanced capabilities of RAE Systems products give your team the ability to monitor up to four or five contaminants at a time with swappable sensors that can be easily changed out in the field. Multi-gas instruments are ideal for confined space entry, emergency response and in waste water treatment plants and oil/gas processing facilities. Wireless multi-gas instruments by Rae Systems include the five-in-one MultiRAE, QRAE 3 and the ToxiRAE Pro family. To coordinate and communicate data to multiple units, Environmental Equipment ans Supply also carries the RAELink 3 Mesh Wireless Modem and the EchoView Host Mini-Controller.

MultiRAE Wireless Protection

RAE Systems Portable Detection
Environmental Equipment & Supply carries and entire line of quality PID and multi-gas/confined space instruments. RAE Systems standalone portable PIDs, including the ppbRAE 3000 and the MiniRAE and UltraRAE family of products, provide accurate detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at levels up to 10,000 ppm. Multi-gas instruments include the portable MultiRAE, QRAE II, QRAE Plus, MulitRAE IR and AreaRAE. Ideal for deployment by HazMat teams, indoor air quality specialists and environmental engineers, RAE Systems PIDs and Multi-gas instruments offer a host of advanced features, including data logging and benzene-specific modes.

Confined Space Products

RAE Systems Single Gas Detectors
ToxiRAE II, 3 and Pro devices offer budget-friendly solutions for personal gas exposure monitoring with built-in alarms, a large number of sensor options and simple, portable designs that stand up to even the toughest conditions. 

Single Gas Products

RAE Systems Radiation Detectors
RAE Systems' radiation detectors include the compact, card-shaped DoseRAE 2, a stand-alone electric dosimeter for monitoring personal radiation exposure, and the GammaRAE II R, a combination gamma radiation detector and full-range dosimeter for search and response efforts by first responders. Both offer accurate threat detection and continuous readout in a variety of units.

Single Gas Products

RAE Systems Tubes and Pumps
As a factory-authorized dealer and repair center, Environmental Equipment and Supply also offers parts and accessories for RAE Systems products, including colorimetric gas tubes, hand pumps and calibration and cleaning instruments for the full lineup of RAE Systems multi-gas instruments, PIDs and other hazard detectors.

PID (Photoionization Detector) Products

Calibration & Accessories

Environmental Equipment & Supply is your trusted resource for calibration kits and systems. We sell a variety of kits that give you the ability to be calibrate your gas monitoring instruments in the field. We also provide repairs, warranty work and spare parts for all of our products.

Calibration and Accessories