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Horiba U-50 Series Water Quality Meters

Most PopularU-50 Series Multiparameter Meter
U-52 $ 100 $ 350 $ 900
Includes Flow Cell


U-50 Presentation and Product Details

Features and Technical Specifications

Each model in the Horiba U-50 series includes the following standard features:

  • Waterproof, rubber-covered design for impact protection.
  • Easy-to-read multi-parameter display gives you real-time access to single or continuous measurements as well as battery levels, calibration history and other useful information.
  • Backlit screen with enlargement feature.
  • Multi-language support in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and French.
  • On-board data logging of up to 10,000 sets; USB connectivity makes it easy to share data and download readings for further analysis.
  • Total weight minus batteries is less than 2 lbs., making the U-50 series extremely portable.

Rentals, Sales, & Service

Environmental Equipment & Supply is your source for sales and rentals of the entire Horiba U-50 series of water quality meters. Featuring a 2, 10 or 30 meter fixed cable for easy field deployment, U-50 water quality meters give you fast and accurate readings of a number of useful parameters.


Horiba U-50 series water quality meters provide simultaneous measurements of up to 11 parameters. All units come equipped with the following sensors: pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids (TDS), seawater specific gravity and temperature.

  • U-51: The U-51 is the most basic configuration of the Horiba U-50 series. It includes all the sensors listed above. The U-51 is available in 2 and 10 meter cable lengths only.
  • U-52 and 52G: The Horiba U-52 is the next step up from the base model, adding turbidity sensing using LED 30° scattering. The U-52 can be outfitted with an optional GPS unit (U-52G) for geotagging log data. Upgrading to the GPS-enabled unit also adds the capacity to take depth measurements accurate to ±0.3m. THE U-52 IS OUR MOST POPULAR METER.
  • U-53 and 53G: The U-53 improves on the Horiba U-52's turbidity measurement capabilities with an upgrade to a tungsten 90° scattering sensor. The U-53 is also available with GPS; both the GPS- and non-GPS-enabled models can provide depth readings.
  • U-54 and 54G: The U-54 features the most advanced turbidity sensor available, using LED 90° scattering to deliver unparalleled accuracy even in the most demanding field conditions. Like the Horiba U-52 and 53, the U-54 is available with a GPS, as well.

Rental Units

Environmental Equipment & Supply rents the Horiba U-52 water quality meter with a 2 foot cable. All units are shipped serviced, calibrated and ready for use right out of the box. An optional flow cell is also available, as are calibration solutions if you intend to use the unit for more than one day. A representative from our rental team can help put together a complete package for your application.

For more information about the Horiba U-50 series of water quality meters, contact us online or toll-free at 1-800-739-7706 from Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm.

2 Meter Cables
Meter Part Number Price         
U-51 with 2 meter Cable 3200164509 $3047.00 Order »
U-52 with 2 meter Cable 3200164501 $3550.00 Order »
U-52G with 2 meter Cable 3200156563 $4014.00 Order »
U-53 with 2 meter Cable 3200164506 $4995.00 Order »
U-53G with 2 meter Cable 3200158178 $5603.00 Order »
U-54 with 2 meter Cable 3200323680 $5236.00 Order »
U-54G with 2 meter Cable 3200323686 $5562.00 Order »
10 Meter Cables
Meter Part Number Price         
U-51 with 10 meter Cable 3200164510 $3290.00 Order »
U-52 with 10 meter Cable
3200164502 $3659.00 Order »
U-52G with 10 meter Cable 3200164499 $4262.00 Order »
U-53 with 10 meter Cable 3200164507 $5238.00 Order »
U-53G with 10 meter Cable 3200164504 $5846.00 Order »
U-54 with 10 meter Cable 3200323681 $5562.00 Order »
U-54G with 10 meter Cable 3200323687 $5892.00 Order »
30 Meter Cables
Meter Part Number Price         
U-52 with 30 meter Cable 3200164503 $4145.00 Order »
U-52G with 30 meter Cable 3200164500 $4748.00 Order »
U-53 with 30 meter Cable 3200164508 $5729.00 Order »
U-53G with 30 meter Cable 3200164505 $6332.00 Order »
U-54 with 30 meter Cable 3200323683 $5892.00 Order »
Flow Cell Part Number Price         
U-50 Series Flow Cell 3200156570 $397.00 Order »
ParametersU-51U-52U-52GU-53U-53G U-54 U-54G
Dissolved Oxygen
Seawater SG
Turbidity (LED 30 degree Scattering Method)
Turbidity (Tungsten 90 degree Scattering Method)
Turbidity (LED 90 degree Scanttering Method)
90 degree Scattering Angle