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Cutthroat Flume 23 - 1040 gpm

Cutthroat Flume 0 - 1000 gpm
$ 30 $ 100 $ 300


  • Stream surveys
  • Well pumping systems
  • Irrigation studies
  • Drainage surveys

Environmental Equipment & Supply rents the Baski cutthroat flume.  The cutthroat flume can be set up in minutes and are ideal for a broad range of field applications. When the job is finished, the flume (weighing only 6-15 lbs) can be dissembled and put into an attache case. The name “Cuttthroat” comes from the fact that there is no parallel throat section in these flumes, as in Parshall flumes.

In the Cutthroat flume, the throat width can be, for example, changed from 1 inch to 2, 4, or 8 inch by exchanging the top and bottom pieces with a conversion set, while continuing to use the same sides. Thus, flows ranging from 2-1/2 to 1,000 gallons per minute may be measured. Wing walls may be added to divert the stream into the upstream convergent section of the flume. The 19 inch wing walls are in two sections, as illustrated in the picture.

Readings from the upstream and downstream staff gauges are used to determine if the flume has sufficient free-fall discharge. If so, a simple calculation, using the upstream staff gauge reading, will give the flow rate in gallons/minute, liters/second, or cubic feet/second.

By adding a data logger in the Flume, flows can be measured and converted to Gallons per minute.