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B-731 LAQUAtwin Compact Potassium Ion Meter

B-731 LAQUAtwin Compact Potassium Ion Meter
Model NumberPart NumberPrice
B-731 3200456566 $ 350.00
Packing List: 2 CR2032 batteries,1 Pipette, Instruction manual, Quick manual, Storage case, Standard solution (150ppm&2000ppm)(14mL), 5 pieces of Sampling sheetB


B700 Series Brochure

Delivering a fast measurement of potassium ion using ion selective membrane, the B-731 LAQUAtwin Compact Potassium Ion Meter is pocket-sized, lightweight and suitable for research and industrial applications in diverse fields. With a drop of the sample from 0.3mL., the advanced sensor provides a reliable and direct measurement. By using the a sampling sheet, you can measure down to 0.05mL or more. Eliminating the need for a beaker to calibrate or measure, the B-731 LAQUAtwin Compact Potassium Ion Meter has a unique sensor mechanism that realizes direct measurement of viscous, solid, and powder samples.

Seven Measurement Techniques in One Device

Horiba LAQUAtwin meters give you more flexibility in obtaining a reading than any other device on the market. Use the available sampling sheet B to get accurate results from as little as 0.05 mL of solution. The unit can also be immersed in water or used as a scoop or wipe. Readings can be obtained from liquid, solid or powder samples, or from papers, textiles and films.

Do More With Less Using a Horiba LAQUAtwin Meter

The Horiba B-731 compact potassium meter is a truly cost effective solution for monitoring water quality. Because of the ease of sample collection with the B-731, costly collection and preparation times are greatly reduced. The unit also features an on-screen battery monitor and a 30 minute auto-off feature to help ensure you never run out of power in the middle of an operation.

Powerful Sensor Technology

At the heart of the Horiba potassium meter is a powerful ion electrode sensor that provides accurate readings in seconds. With a measurement range from 39 to 3900 ppm and a 100 ppm resolution, the B-731 puts professional accuracy in a portable package.

Calibrating the unit is simple, too. Using a standard, high-conductivity solution (available separately) the device can be calibrated with just the touch of a button. Watch the on-screen display for the calibration indicator — when it stops flashing, the unit is ready to give an accurate reading.

Potential Applications

Use Horiba LAQUAtwin meters in any situation where reliable, precise monitoring of a variety of parameters is called for. Specifically, Horiba potassium meters have been deployed in soil testing, food quality control, cultivation management and health management. Whether you work in agriculture, industry, environment or healthcare, the Horiba potassium meter is a useful addition to your stable of monitoring tools, ideal for fast deployment in diverse field and lab conditions.


  • Autocalibration function offers one- or two-point calibrations.
  • Autocalibration function recognizes standards
  • Temperature compensation
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Automatic power off(30 minutes)
  • Auto range change
  • Auto hold

Parts & Accessories

  • Sensor
  • Solutions
  • Sampling Sheet B