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Heron dipperLog Groundwater Data Logger

water level meter

What the dipperLog does

The dipperLog measures and records the water level and temperature at preset intervals in wells and open bodies of water. It stores the readings allowing them to be downloaded at a convenient time. Stores 16000 time/dated readings in engineering or metric units. Calculates and tabulates water levels in feet or meters relative to datum and temperature in centigrade.


  • Accuracy 0.05% F.S. Diameter 0.75" (19mm)
  • Totally submersible inside the well
  • Optional cable adaptor kit for wellhead readout and control
  • 16 000 date and time stamped readings
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Up to 10 year battery life
  • Variable sample interval
  • Automatic compensation during installation for barometric pressure and elevation for short term test
  • Multiple pressures ranges to 400 ft/120 m head
  • Pocket PC controllable
  • Telemetry expandable
  • Barometric logger available for long term monitoring
  • Speed reading up to 20 readings per second with real time graphing

Optional Add-Ons

  • barLog for barometric compensation
  • dipperLog on a reel
  • Telemetry GSM/CDMA compatible*
  • Pocket PC Controllable*
  • Serial RS 232 to USB converter
water level meter

The dipperLog is easy to use
Just follow the three easy steps in the Windows and Pocket PC based software (Win 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP) for a successful installation.

Quick and easy data download. No calculations needed. The results are shown as compensated height of water above the logger and depth of water below datum, together with temperature, which can be graphed at the click of a mouse.

The compact design of the dipperLog is ideal for monitoring surface water and deep water wells. The dipperLog is launched and then installed in the well with a simple wire line or a direct read cable at the required depth. The unit can be stored inside the well casing giving protection against vandalism.

Why choose the DipperLog?

  • The dipperLog is the most user friendly ground water logger on the market.
  • The dipperLog measures and records groundwater levels and temperatures over long periods of time.
  • The Heron dipperLog is a high resolution, accurate (0.05% F.S.) datalogger available at an extremely economical price.
  • The dipperLog has automatic barometric pressure and elevation compensation together with a recalibration facility that allows for changes in ground water density
  • Water levels are reported as either height of water above the transducer or depth of water below a local datum.
  • Measurements may also be related to sea level once the reduced level of the datum is established.
  • Recording intervals are selected by the user and can range from 1 second to 255 hours.

Pocket PC Field Kit *


water level logger
The dipperLog can be operated in all modes using a pocket PC. The pocket PC is a convenient tool that can launch the dipperLog and download the data for transfer to the main computer. The data settings and downloads can be viewed on the pocket PC screen, and realtime readings taken with the wellhead readout dipperLog. The pocket PC supplied by Heron Instruments Inc. includes the software to operate the dipperLogs.The memory capacity allows for the storage of 16 fully loaded loggers at 16000 readings each or a total of 256000 readings from more than 16 loggers. The pocket PC is housed in a rugged convenient weatherproof housing that allows full operation of the unit under field conditions.


Remote Data Aquisition*

The dipperLog can be downloaded remotely from the logger location to your PC using CDMA communication. Download times can be arranged at setup. The dipperLog software will down load the data then clear the logger memory and restart the mission. This gives unlimited reading capacity, subject to battery condition. In cases where a constant and sufficient power source is available the dipperLog may be downloaded at any time. Heron Instruments supplies all the required hardware and software for this application.

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