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Heron Skinny Dipper

Heron Skinny Dipper


  • Permanently marked graduations every foot and 1/100 foot (not available in metric).  No more stick on numbers coming off in the well.
  • Precise, high strength and less stretch to allow for more precise readings.
  • Easier to withdraw from the piezometer thanks to an ergonomically designed reel.
  • Corrosion proof tape line and frame.
  • Carry bag, tape guide and well casing hanger included.

The Heron Skinny Dipper water monitor is a powerful, take-anywhere device for measuring depth in boreholes, standpipes and narrow wells. Use it for aquifer monitoring and other environmental applications – at just ¼” OD, the Heron Skinny Dipper’s highly sensitive probe has been designed for use with piezometers and direct push equipment.

Fully Encapsulated Monitor

The Skinny Dipper comes equipped with the fully encapsulated modular microprocessor based electronic panel. The skinny dipper is powered by one 9v battery and signals water with both audible buzzer and light including; touch button sensitivity control with digital indicator. Using the Heron water monitor’s adjustable sensitivity dial, you can obtain more accurate readings, even in cascading or choppy waters. Both the battery and the electronic panel itself are field-replaceable, making the Skinny Dipper ideal for deployment in remote testing locations.

Tape Specifications

Key to the Heron Skinny Dipper’s ability to deliver consistent, accurate depth readings is its narrow diameter polyethylene tape. Designed for flexibility, the high strength tape of the Skinny Dipper has two embedded stainless steel conductors. These conductors carry the signal generated by the probe to the monitor, completing the circuit and alerting the operator when depth has been reached. For accurate measurement, graduations are printed under the polyethylene coating in feet x 0.01 feet (not available in metric) giving precision and durability.

Balanced Reel Makes Fieldwork Easy

The Heron Skinny Dipper ground water monitor incorporates a number of features into the design of its reel to make operation seamless, even when working in difficult field conditions. The reel frame is made of solid steel and coated in polyurethane for durability and corrosion resistance. A vinyl-coated handle is ergonomically designed for operator comfort when deploying the probe and rewinding the tape. Additional features include high-strength nylon reel flanges, center hubs that turn on a stainless steel axle, a third hand well casing hanger and tape guide for running the tape smoothly in narrow boreholes.

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