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BoreSaver Ultra C Iron Oxide Well Treatment

BoreSaver Ultra C
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Ultra C Brochure
Ultra C Brochure
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BoreSaver Ultra C is a fully biodegradable EPA approved water well treatment for iron oxide and iron bacteria that is suitable for use in potable water piping. Made exclusively of natural and organic ingredients, BoreSaver Ultra C is ten times more effective than similar products containing hazardous chemicals. Consistent, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, BoreSaver C delivers amazing results in all kinds of piping and water supply systems. BoreSaver Ultra C is the best way to remove rust from your water well. BoreSaver Ultra C is NSF certified.

Clean Pumps Prevent Premature Failure

When iron or manganese oxides build up in a pump, piping or water supply system, they affect the efficiency of all components, resulting in increased wear on your pump's motor which — if left untreated — can lead to premature failure of the device. BoreSaver iron oxide treatment not only cleans iron and manganese oxides out of your system, when used as part of regular system maintenance, it can extend the working life of your pumps and other components.

How to Recognize an Iron Bacteria Problem

Iron oxide and manganese oxide buildup can be identified by any of the following signs:

  • Rust-colored slime is visible inside pumps, blocking main lines and laterals or in drippers, sprinklers and other fixtures.
  • Cloudy, rust-colored water appears when the pump starts up.
  • Overall system performance is decreased and water flow from the bore is reduced.
  • Water pumped from the well is foul-smelling, cloudy or rust-colored.
  • Pavement and trim around piping and faucets appear badly-stained.

Safe for Use in Drinking Water Supplies

BoreSaver Ultra C has been certified by the NSF as safe for use in potable water supplies. Because the product is flushed out after use, none of it comes into contact with drinking or bathing water. Plus, BoreSaver C is fully biodegradable, contains no harsh chemicals and won't harm the environment.

How to Use BoreSaver Ultra C

BoreSaver Ultra C iron oxide treatment is easy to use and shows noticeable improvements in severely clogged wells after just a few applications. Simply add the product directly to the well or borehole and agitate using surge and brush, air lifting or pump-in recycling rehabilitation techniques. This will loosen and dislodge built-up iron bacteria deposits so they can be flushed out. To prevent buildups from recurring, regular treatment with BoreSaver Ultra C is recommended on a twice-yearly basis.

Contact Environmental Equipment & Supply for Ordering Information

Environmental Equipment & Supply is an exclusive supplier of BoreSaver Ultra C iron oxide treatment crystals. We sell BoreSaver in convenient 27 pound boxes good for multiple applications. The amount of BoreSaver required to treat your well depends on its depth, diameter and the amount of iron bacteria buildup present. For regular maintenance purposes, a half-dosage is suitable.

Contact Environmental Equipment & Supply if you have any questions about BoreSaver C or would like to place an order. Our team is available from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.