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Turbo Water Meters

2 inch Water Meter
3 inch Water Meter
4 inch Water Meter
6 inch Water Meter

Our 2" through 4" meters are great for temporary water transfer or aquifer pumping tests. Each meter comes with a set of straight pipes for either side of the meter ensuring accurate measurements. Environmental Equipment and Supply rents a variety of Turbo Water Meters in various operating ranges.

The Turbo Meter is based on the turbine principle of measurement, its operating range varies with registration accuracy of 100% =/- 1.5% of actual thruput.

Turbo water meters are best for temporary application because they are less susceptible to particles in undeveloped water supplies. Each meter is flanged with female NPT connections.

6" Water Flow Meter

The DLJ600T Turbine Water Meter is ideal for measuring the volume of water passing through the pipeline. This is a horizontal Woltman type water meter designed for installation where occasional low and moderate to high sustained flows are demanded. Often referred to as industrial turbine water meters, DLJ meters are ideal for industrial, agricultural and utility applications.

The DLJ600T features an epoxy coated cast iron body (coated internally and externally), which gives it a high resistance to corrosive elements. Total weight is 92 pounds. Dimensions are 11.6" long with 150# flanges.

The register reads from 32 to 2500 gallons per minute. Accuracy within 1-1/2%. Rated to 175psi and 120°F.

Turbo Water MetersOperating RangeRegistration AccuracyDailyWeeklyMonthly
2 inch W-160 DR 4 to 160 gallons per minute (0.9 to 36 m 3 /h) 100% ±1.5% of actual thruput $ 15 $ 45 $ 75
3 inch W-350 DR 5 to 350 gallons per minute (1.1 to 80 m 3 /h) 100% ±1.5% of actual thruput $ 35 $ 100 $ 250
4 inch W-1000 DR 15 to 1000 gallons per minute (3.4 to 225 m 3 /h) 100% ±1.5% of actual thruput $ 50 $ 150 $ 300
6 inch DLJ600T 32 to 2500 gallons per minute 1-1/2% $ 75 $ 200 $ 400


  • The meter consists of two basic assemblies— the maincase and the measuring chamber. Straightening vanes in the maincase minimize the swirl upstream of the meter so as to direct the flow evenly to the rotor. The measuring chamber assembly includes the rotor, adjusting vane (for calibration) and sealed Direct Reading (DR) register.
  • The measuring chamber and straightening vanes can be removed, repaired and/or replaced without disturbing the maincase in the line. A spare chamber can be utilized in the event maintenance is required. Cover plates are also available to keep the line in service while the measuring chamber is repaired and recalibrated. Factory testing, repair and measuring chamber exchange programs are available.