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Disposable Ammex GlovePlus Powdered Vinyl Industrial Gloves - IV

Disposable Ammex GlovePlus Powdered Vinyl Industrial Gloves

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Disposable vinyl gloves provide important protection for food service, cleaning professionals, salon technicians and others.  Ammex GlovePlus powdered vinyl gloves can provide the protection you need.

These disposable Ammex gloves are a great choice for professionals who prefer industrial grade vinyl gloves. Latex free, and made from clear vinyl (PVC), these vinyl gloves offer high levels of dexterity and sensitivity. Our GlovePlus vinyl gloves are four mils thick.  Each box has 100 individual gloves. Choose Ammex Vinyl gloves for your next purchase.

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Why Vinyl?

Vinyl is a cost-effective alternative to latex, nitrile and other popular disposable glove materials suitable for use in a diverse range of applications. Industrial grade rated, GlovePlus vinyl powdered gloves are suitable for use in food service, beauty and more. Vinyl also has anti-static properties, making it a good choice for certain electronic assembly operations.

Vinyl gloves do not offer protection against biological pathogens or many harsh chemicals. The main advantage of vinyl — aside from its affordability — is its hypoallergenic nature. Unlike latex, which many people exhibit sensitivities to, vinyl will not cause a rash or irritation, even when worn for long periods of time. Vinyl is a completely synthetic material containing none of the soluble proteins or residual chemicals that typically cause reactions in allergy sufferers.


  • Beaded cuff:The beaded cuff on GlovePlus vinyl industrial gloves helps prevent tears and keep liquids from rolling down the arm.
  • Powdered:A powdered glove is easier to put on and take off, letting you get to work faster without compromising your safety.
  • Latex-free:Ideal for allergy sufferers, vinyl industrial gloves contain no irritating chemicals or proteins.
  • Smooth:A smooth surface increases sensitivity, allowing you to perform complex tasks easier.
  • Superb tensile strength:The improved tensile strength of GlovePlus industrial gloves means they are less prone to puncture and tearing.
  • 4 mils thick: