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3" Variable Speed SQE Smart Pump

Variable Speed Three Inch Pump
Pump $ 100 $ 375 $ 800
Controller $ 45 $ 125 $ 375
SQE Flow Controller
Part NumberPurchase Price
11523 $ 1075

LEIDOS's Environmental Equipment and Supply has recently developed a variable speed three inch pump system. The Variable Speed Drive or VFD allows you to operate a Grundfos 3" Smart Pump with only 230 volt single phase electricity. Our controller works with the Grundfos Smart Pump and gives you flow control from stop to full flow by the use of the box's adjustment dial.

Sizes available for rent:

  • 10SQE05-160
  • 22SQE15-220

    Some other advantages are:

    • 1 to 22 gallon per minute pumping range
    • Flow Adjustments cover 75% of the pump's range
    • Well depths up to 300 feet at 5 gpm
    • Use in a three inch or larger well
    • No valve needed to regulate flow rates
    • Great for purging and sampling wells, fast for purging and slow down to take a sample
    • Great for aquifer testing. Tricky flow adjustments for step tests are no problem
    • Lite weight pump, can be installed by hand
    • Small generator compatible

    Call 800-739-7706 to rent or order yours today.

    The Smart Pump VFD System is considerably more durable than smaller two variable speed pumps on the market. Depending on the pump selected, it will hold up to the demands of groundwater and environmental applications alike.