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RAE Systems Radiation Detectors

RAE Systems

Protecting the health of first responders to environmental emergencies requires sophisticated portable monitoring solutions. RAE radiation detectors — available exclusively from Environmental Equipment and Supply — put compact hazard monitoring in the palm of your hand. Designed to be used in the field, RAE Systems qRAE meters are reliable, easy to read and operate and compliant with ANSI, CSA, ATEX, CE and other industry standards.

DoseRAE 2
the RAE DoseRAE 2 electronic dosimeter offers real-time radiation monitoring that gives you the information you need to reduce your exposure when working in the field. Using a powerful diode and scintillation crystal, the DoseRAE 2 tracks your exposure to both X- and gamma rays while monitoring your personal dose and dose rate.

Featuring a compact, card-shaped design with an easy-to-read LCD screen, the DoseRAE 2 gives you a continuous digital readout in rem/h, Sv/h and R/h. The unit is easy to program and alerts you three ways — with visual, audio and vibration warnings — when your exposure exceeds pre-set levels.

With long calibration and battery life, the DoseRAE 2 is ideal for use in nuclear power plants, hospitals, environmental surveys and by military, police, EMSram and alerts you three ways — with visual, audio and vibration warnings — when your exposure exceeds pre-set levels and HazMat teams.

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DoseRAE 2

DoseRAE Pro
Featuring wireless connectivity, this compact and easy-to-use radiation detector is one of the most sophisticated personal radiation detectors on the market today.

The DoseRAE Pro seamlessly integrates with your existing dosimetry system, providing real-time alerts to safety managers and on-the-ground support teams. Use the DoseRAE Pro for environmental surveying and remediation, compliance management at nuclear power plants, HazMat site cleanups, industrial safety, waste management and more.

DoseRAE Pro Radiation Detector

The RAE Systems GRAE 2 combines a gamma radiation detector and a full-range dosimeter in one convenient, portable package. The GammaRAE 2 gives first responders everything they need to manage crisis situations while protecting their own health. A sensitive CsI scintillate monitors radiation dose rate and accumulated dosage in real-time, improving your search capabilities and response times. The device's dosimeter is powered by a PIN diode sensor that is energy-compensated to provide accurate readings at high dosage rates.

Easy to use and program — even when wearing a full HazMAt suit or other personal protective clothing — the RAE Systems GammaRAE II's digital readout gives you instant access to exposure data in μR/h, mR/h, μSv/h, mSv/h and cps. The unit also features datalogging with a 30,000 point capacity (enough to record 20 days' worth of information, collected at 60 second intervals), which can be downloaded wirelessly via Bluetooth for analysis.

The unit runs on two AA batteries which provide over 600 hours of operational use. Waterproof to IP-67 standards, the GRAE 2 is submersible for easy decontamination. Rugged and built for the rigors of field use, the GRAE 2 is ideal for customs officers and border patrols, law enforcement, homeland security, government labs and agencies, HazMat teams and fire departments.

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NeutronRAE II
The NeutronRAE II is a powerful, simple-to-use device that gives first responders the information they need to stay safe while performing crucial threat assessments. This personal radiation detector features an IP-67 waterproof casing, customizable alarms and straightforward two-button operation. The NeutronRAE II provides reliable performance in even the harshest environments.

NeutronRAE II

Weighing in at only 2.3 ounces, the MiniDOSE electronic dosimeter can be conveniently worn in any vocation. Clip it on your belt and go. With its long battery life, you are guaranteed long and effective protection. The RAE Systems MiniDOSE is an excellent choice for hospital workers and anyone else in daily contact with potential sources of radiation.