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personal DataRAM Particle Monitor

personalDataRam Particle Monitor
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Take the personal DataRAM with you, and get accurate readings of dust, smoke, mist and fume contaminants in real-time. Designed for today's environmental technicians, the personal DataRAM is a portable particle monitor that uses a single-beam, light scattering nephelometer to continuously monitor aerosol contaminants, alerting you within seconds when concentrations reach potentially dangerous levels.


Use the personal DataRAM portable air pollution monitor in any situation where passive air sampling or personal exposure monitoring is required. This can include indoor air quality monitoring, walk-through surveys, time and motion studies, emergency response and environmental remediation, toxicology and epidemiology research or fixed-point continuous monitoring. Because the personal DataRAM remains accurate at high concentration levels, it is a powerful multitasker that has a wide variety of applications. Contact the team at Environmental Equipment & Supply to discuss the specifics of your project and determine if the personal DataRAM is right for you.

High Performance in Extreme Situations

With its rugged construction and high sensitivity, the personal DataRAM portable particulate monitor is designed to go where other devices can't. Accurate in concentrations up to 400 mg/m3, the unit has an auto-ranging, feedback-stabilized sensing system that delivers precise readings without sacrificing durability. Because of this, it is ideal for long-term monitoring studies in harsh field conditions.

Information at Your Fingertips

With an easy-to-read two line display and an intuitive scroll-through menu system, the personal DataRAM puts the information you need within reach at all times. A four-key tactile system lets you check real-time and averaged concentration values, memory and battery status and optical background levels. Enabling logging and alarms and reviewing program parameters and analytics is easy, too. There's even a built-in alarm to alert you when exposure levels exceed pre-set limits.

Portable Design Goes Wherever You Go

Weighing just 18 oz. in its standard configuration, the personal DataRAM comes with a belt clip for hands-free portability. An internal 9V battery delivers an average 20 hours of runtime. Housed in a brushed-aluminum casing with molded rubber bumpers, the personal DataRAM can withstand moderate drops, impacts, temperatures from 14°F to 122°F and humidity from 10 to 95%. The unit also features Thermo's silent and reliable passive air sampling technology to provide concentration measurements that are not dependant on chamber air velocity.

Built-in Datalogging Makes the personal DataRAM a Powerful Research Tool

With an internal memory capable of collecting over 13,300 data points, the personal DataRAM is more than just a real-time aerosol monitor. Log data is automatically time-date stamped for further analysis on a Windows™-based PC running the included pDR-COM software.

For more information about the personal DataRAM particle monitor, including a full list of features and specifications, contact the team at Environmental Equipment & Supply today. We offer nationwide sales and service of Thermo instruments and can help you chose the product that's right for your application.