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Confined Space Rescue Systems


FrenchCreek Production logoWhen a crisis strikes your worksite, confined space rescue equipment is essential to quickly and safely resolving any issues that arise. French Creek products meet or exceed OSHA requirements for confined space rescue equipment, providing you with peace of mind when you need it most. While no one wants to see their staff placed in potential jeopardy, the fact is on-the-job accidents in confined spaces do happen. Remaining calm, having proper training in place and, most importantly, having the right safety equipment is the best way to ensure an accident in a confined space does not turn tragic.

While the specifics of your job site will determine which equipment is most appropriate, in general a confined space rescue system consists of three components:

A Fall Creek Production tripod is an essential part of any confined space rescue system. Environmental Equipment ∓ Supply offers confined space rescue packages including the TP7 (7’ size) and TP9 (9’) tripods. TP series tripods are lightweight, portable and designed to carry vertical loads up to 5000 lbs. Features include locking, adjustable aluminum legs, non-slip rubber shoes, an attached safety chain and a steel head with two attachment points. A TP series tripod is easy to set up by a single rescue worker, saving valuable time when every second counts.


The MW50G work winch is a rugged and reliable performer in emergency situations. Featuring a 50’ galvanized wire rope and a friction brake that prevents the unit from free-wheeling under a load, the MW50G is a key component of a confined space rescue system. The MW50G includes a strong carabiner for attachment to a TP-series tripod, a steel frame and a #45 pulley designed to raise and lower heavy loads with ease.

MW50G winch

The final component of a confined space response system is a three-way rescue unit such as the R50SS. The R50SS functions as a self-retracting lifeline, a fall-prevention device and a winch. Use the R50SS to raise or lower a worker to safety with confidence – the unit automatically locks when a worker on the line slips or falls, ensuring their safety and maintaining compliance with OSHA safety standards. The R50SS features a 50’ stainless steel rope, lightweight aluminum housing for easy transport, a friction brake to prevent free-wheeling and a mounting bracket/anchor system for attachment to a TP series tripod.

The S50G-M7 confined space rescue package combines all three devices for a complete, OSHA-certified safety solution. Individual components are also available separately. Contact Environmental Equipment & Supply for pricing information or for answers to any questions you may have – we are available to help you from Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm. Your safety is our biggest priority!