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RAE Systems Multi-Gas Monitors

RAE Systems

Environmental Equipment and Supply proudly supplies a number of professional-quality multi-gas monitors, including the RAE Systems QRAE II and other devices. We have both purchase options and, for selected devices, rental terms by the day, week or month. Rentals can be shipped overnight to anywhere in the United States, and each unit is carefully inspected and serviced by a factory-trained technician before being sent out. Click on the links below for more information about any of the below products.

Nationwide RAE Systems Product Support

As a factory-authorized dealer, Environmental Equipment and Supply sells and provides warranty service for all RAE Systems products. We also have parts and accessories for sale, including battery packs, calibration devices and alkaline assembly adapters for the QRAE II.

With over 25 years in business, we've supplied multi-gas monitors and other products to customers all around the world. Our sales team is available from 7am-6pm during weekdays to take your questions or to help you find the product that's right for your needs. Contact our expert team today for more information.



The RAE Systems QRAE II Pump comes fully equipped with a four-in-one multi-gas monitor for detecting oxygen, carbon monoxide, combustible gases and other contaminants. Durable, water-resistant to IP-65 standards and equipped with a rechargeable battery pack good for up to 14 hours of continuous operation, the RAE QRAE 2 meter thrives during difficult field work and operation in confined spaces. 


The QRAE Plus is another excellent option for use in confined spaces, or in any other situation where monitoring exposure levels to toxic gases is critical. 11 different sensor options are available for oxygen, nitric oxide, carbon dioxide and more. A built-in draw pump can collect samples up to 100 feet away.


RAE Systems MultiRAE wireless detectors combine a photoionization detector for VOCs with the capacity to monitor up to six additional contaminants at once. Over 33 sensor options are available for carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and more — sensors can be easily swapped out on-the-go without any special tools. Rugged enough to withstand the harshest field conditions, MultiRAE field detectors are ideal for industrial hygiene, disaster response and homeland security applications.

MultiRAE Plus

The AreaRAE is an ATEX-certified device capable of detecting and monitoring VOCs, lower explosive limits (LELs), combustible oxygen and an additional two toxic gases. Multiple units placed at strategic locations can be used to establish a perimeter which can be monitored remotely with the device's built-in wireless modem. A durable stainless steel casing makes the AreaRAE suitable for use in extreme conditions encountered in offshore wells, oil and gas refineries and HazMat cleanup areas.


The MultiRAE IR is a versatile device that includes a photoionization detector for monitoring VOC levels as well as a combined CO2/O2/LEL sensor and an infrared plug-in for monitoring one additional toxic gas. The MultiRAE IR is suitable for use as a personal monitor, an area monitor, a technician instrument or a hand-held sniffer.