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Solinst 800 Low-Pressure Pneumatic Packers

With a Solinst Pneumatic Packer, you can easily isolate individual areas of a well for discrete sampling. Available in 1.8" and 3.7" diameters for use in 2" and 4" wells, Solinst Pneumatic Packers are made of durable black carbon reinforced rubber attached to a Sch 80 PVC body. Submersible to depths up to 150 feet, Solinst packers can be inflated to pressures ranging from 20-40 psi (1.8" model) and 20-30 psi (3.7" model).

Quality Components

Lower a Solinst Pneumatic Packer using flexible low-density polyethylene (LDPE) tubing or a rigid PVC drop pipe. The packer has convenient eyelets on its top and bottom for attaching a safety line out to the surface or deploying a Solinst Levelogger or similar instrument. A Solinst 103 Tag Line can also be used for support and has the added benefit of accurately measuring depth as well. Each packer comes with nylon compression fittings for securely attaching tubing.

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Solinst Pneumatic Packers are suitable for deployment in most situations where it is necessary to isolate individual zones of a well. These can include:

  • Water sampling
  • Low-pressure air sparging
  • Slug and pump tests
  • Hydraulic conductivity testing

Additionally, the Solinst 800 can be used to minimize purge volumes when working with hazardous materials, to inject materials such as tracers and amendments and to develop wells faster.

Suitable for Single or Straddle Deployment

Use Solinst Low-Pressure Pneumatic Packers in both single and straddle deployments. A single packer can be placed below a water inlet. Alternately, the inlet can be run into an optional perforated straddle pipe connecting two units.

Optional Accessories

Optional accessories for Solinst Pneumatic Packers include an inflation valve assembly, inflation pump, 1/8" LDPE tubing and a perforated straddle pipe. Solinst 800 units are compatible with Levelogger instruments for accurate data logging and can be attached below an Integra Bladder Pump or Double Valve pump to obtain discrete water samples. Solinst 101 and 102 Water Level Meters can be used for accurate deployment of the 800 to specific depths.

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