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Solinst 408M Micro Double Valve Pump

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408M Micro Double Valve Pump


408M Micro Double Valve Pump Brochure



  • Ideal for narrow, low flow applications
  • Only 3/8” (10 mm) in diameter
  • Flexible PTFE, goes almost anywhere
  • Inexpensive and readily dedicated

Suitable for deployment in narrow diameter wells and boreholes, the Solinst 408M Micro Double Valve Pump uses coaxial Teflon® tubing to provide high quality samples in spaces as small as 1/2" OD. The Micro Double Valve Pump is the smaller counterpart to the Solinst 408 and features the same quality components that allow it to collect samples with a high level of integrity.

The 408 is ideal for groundwater sampling in CMT and Waterloo multi-level systems, direct push/drive point instruments and any other application where low-flow monitoring is required in narrow diameters.

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Pump Components

The Solinst Double Valve Pump features quality components and a straightforward design capable of delivering flow rates between 20 and 150 ml/minute. Tubing is available in 50, 100, 150 and 200 foot lengths, making the 408M suitable for deployment in a number of different environments. For most units, tubing is constructed with coaxial Teflon®; in 50 meter lengths, tubing with a LDPE drive tube and Teflon® inner is also available.

Stainless steel fittings lock tight to ensure samples are not contaminated during retrieval. A 100-mesh stainless steel filter prevents large particulates from clogging up the pump; the filter is easy to clean or replace if necessary. At the top end of the pump, a manifold with a 3/16" Teflon® sample tube and a quick-connect fitting allows for easy connection with a control unit.

Related Products

Solinst Micro Double Valve Pumps are compatible with several other products in the Solinst family:

  • 403 CMT Multilevel System: The 403 allows environmental professionals to gain a 3D view of groundwater flow and contaminant distribution. The 408M can be used in conjunction with the 403 to monitor horizontal and vertical data by obtaining samples at different depths. Both 3- and 7-channel versions are available. Together, the 408M and 403 are ideal for monitoring shallow wells in high water table environments, dewatering impact assessments, mass transport and mass flux estimations and VOC, MTBE and Perchlorate monitoring at NAPL sites.

  • 466 Electronic Pump Control Unit: The 466 can be used to control flow rates when using the Solinst 408M. Simply attach the "Air Out" line to the manifold's quick-connect fitting to control the flow rate and venting of the 408M using any of the control unit's presets. The control unit uses hydrostatic pressure to force the sample upwards for collection.

The Solinst Micro Double Valve Sample Pump and all related products are available exclusively from Environmental Equipment & Supply. As an authorized Solinst dealer servicing customers in all 50 states, we proudly provide repairs and warranty service on everything we sell.

Contact our team today for pricing or for any other questions you have about the Solinst 408M. With over 25 years' of experience outfitting environmental professionals with the instruments they need to take accurate water samples, we can assess the needs of your project and recommend the item that's right for you.