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Solinst 408 Double Valve Pump

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408 Double Valve Pump
408 Double Valve Pump System
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408 Double Valve Pump Brochure

For performance and reliability in a variety of field conditions, the Solinst 408 Double Valve Pump is a rugged performer that can be counted on to deliver consistent, low- or regular-flow sampling. Available in 316 stainless steel or low-cost PVC, the Solinst 408 comes in several different sizes to suit a number of applications.

For use in narrow-diameter wells and boreholes, Solinst also offers the 408M, a miniature double valve pump capable of fitting into spaces as small as 1/2" OD.

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Potential Applications

  • Use the Solinst Double Valve Pump in any situation where low- or regular-flow sampling is required. The 408 can be used for VOC retention with results comparable to those produced by a bladder pump. When used in conjunction with an electronic pump controller, the unit can achieve flow rates as low as 100 ml/min.
  • The 408 is deployable at any angle, making it suitable for use in non-vertical environments such as tailings, storage tanks, plumes and under landfills.
  • Solinst Double Valve Pumps can be used to pump contaminant liquids including solvents, hydrocarbons and products with a high solids content.
  • PVC Double Valve Pipes are ideal for deployment in situations where stainless steel is not an option, such as when conducting metals analysis or sampling corrosive liquids.


    You can also rent the Solinst Double Valve Pump. Use with a standard controller for depths to 230 feet or ask for a high pressure controller to go as deep as 575 feet! A standard 100 PSI compressor is used when pumping to 230 feet. Compressed nitrogen is required for deeper applications order 1/4" tubing separately, part #30103. 

Features and Benefits

The 408 Double Valve Pump has been designed with environmental professionals in mind and includes several features that make obtaining quality samples easy and cost-effective. The Solinst 408:

  • can operate at depths up to 500 feet.
  • can be used as a dedicated unit for long-term monitoring or as a portable pump for monitoring multiple wells.
  • can be quickly disassembled and reassembled for decontamination purposes. Filters and tubing are easily replaceable if desired or can be washed with a mild detergent to prepare for reuse.
  • can be used in turbid waters or in dry pumping conditions without harming the unit.
  • can fit easily into a 2" or 4" monitoring well and features quick-fit connections that make attaching tubing easy and secure.
  • is compatible with a Solinst 466 Electronic Control Unit, allowing precision control of flow rates.

Operating Principle

When the 408 Double Pump Valve is lowered into a well, water enters both the pump and the drive line tubing. When the pump has reached the desired depth, the operator releases gas into the drive line tubing, which pushes water out. This closes the check valve and forces the sample into the sample line tubing, where it rises and is collected on the surface for analysis. Using a low flow rate and short drive time, the unit can collect VOCs without the sample coming into contact with air.

For more information about the Solinst Double Valve Pump, contact Environmental Equipment & Supply. Our sales team is available from Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm.

Model 408 Double Valve Pumps
Description Part

5/8" x 1ft SS (1/4" & 1/4") 103104 $ 163.00 Order »
1.66" x 2ft SS (3/8"D & 1/4"S) 106082 $ 412.00 Order »

Model 407/408 Replacement Bladders
Description Part

407 1.66" SS Repl. Bladder - 2ft Teflon 106364 $ 41.00 Order »
407 1.66" SS Repl. Bladder - 2ft LDPE 108523 $ 8.01 Order »
407 1.66" SS Repl. Bladder - 2ft LDPE (Set of 10) 108526 $ 72.00 Order »
407 1" SS Repl. Bladder - 2ft Teflon 105088 $ 30.00 Order »
407 1" SS Repl. Bladder - 2ft LDPE 108521 $ 5.44 Order »
407 1" SS Repl. Bladder - 2ft LDPE (Set of 10) 108525 $ 49.00 Order »

Control Units & Compressor
Description Part

464 Electronic Control Unit (125 psi) c/w drive and sample lines for the Control Unit 109560 $ 1,151.00 Order »
464 Electronic Control Unit (250 psi) c/w drive and sample lines for the Control Unit 109966 $ 2231.00 Order »
464 Drive Line Adaptor to 1/4" OD Tubing (Push) for the Control Unit 107117 $ 19.00 Order »
464 Supply Line - 5ft (spare) 110294 $ 53.00 Order »
464 Drive Line - 5ft (spare) 110295 $ 116.00 Order »
407 Low Flow 12V Compressor (c/w battery clips) 106009 $ 900.00 Order »