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Geophysical Services and Testing Equipment     
Seismic Prep Fee Daily Weekly Monthly
Model 4630 4-Point Ground Resistance Tester $ 25 $ 75 $ 300  $ 900 Rent »
Super Sting Earth Resistivity System Rent »
- Active or Passive $ 385 $ 400 $ 2,000 $7,000 Rent »
- Sting and Switch Box $ 190 $ 200 $ 1,000 $ 4,000 Rent »
- 84 Electrode Passive Cable System $ 190 $ 200 $ 1,000 $ 3,000 Rent »
- 56 Electrode Active Cable System $ 165 $ 185 $ 825 $ 2,000 Rent »
- 28 Electrode Active Cable System $ 85 $ 110 $ 410 $ 1,000 Rent »
- Interconnection System Cable
(to combine two sting systems)
$ 75 $ 100 $ 300  $ 800 Rent »
Earth Imager 2D Software $ 30  $ 120 $ 350 Rent »
Earth Imager 3D Software $ 50  $ 200 $ 600 Rent »
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Environmental Equipment & Supply is your one-stop source for ground resistance test equipment that you can rent by the day, week or month. Our large equipment inventory includes highly advanced ground resistivity meters and accessories that ensure high testing accuracy, while also providing the convenience of portability.

Renting ground resistance test equipment from us is fast and efficient. We provide complete support every step of the way, including technical assistance to ensure you and your team can use the equipment in the most productive manner.

Our line of state-of-the-art ground resistance test equipment for rent includes:

  • Model 4630 4-point Resistivity Meter — Rugged and easy-to-use,the Model 4630 ground resistivity meter is ideal for soil resistivity and ground resistance testing applications in which frequent testing is required. Soil resistivity is measured via the 4-point method, while ground resistance can be measured by the 2-point or 3-point Fall-of-Potential method. The Model 4630 is also designed to reject high levels of noise interference, and the Auto-Ranging feature automatically pinpoints the ideal range.

  • Super Sting Earth Resistivity System — Our most popular ground resistivity meter rental unit, the portable, multi-channel AGI Super Sting RB8 IP is typically used for profiling or sounding through Earth resistivity surveys. The Super Sting is capable of measuring up to eight channels at once and features a revolutionary high-power transmitter that can produce data at amazing speeds. This system is also designed for maximum accuracy, while also providing superior noise performance.

    The Super Sting is equipped with a high-capacity internal memory that provides ample storage space for measurement results. The menu-driven operating system also makes this ground resistivity meter easy to use. The rugged construction ensures that the Super Sting can withstand the rigors of field use, enabling it to last a long time in the most demanding work environments.

    You can select from two different cabling options: a 56 Active cable or 84 passive cable system. The two systems can also be combined via an interconnection cable. Other Super Sting accessories available for rent include:
    • 28 Electrode Active Cable System
    • Sting and Switch Box
    • Earth Image 2D and 3D Software

Why Rent Ground Resistance Test Equipment From Environmental Equipment & Supply?

Environmental Equipment & Supply has been providing dependable and affordable geophysical services and testing equipment for more than 25 years. All rental equipment comes from leading manufacturers, ensuring you always receive an innovative product of the highest quality.

We can ship ground resistance equipment to just about anywhere in the United States, including remote job sites. Renting equipment from us also eliminates the need to make the substantial financial investment that purchasing often requires, which can have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

Contact Us to Get the Rental Process Started

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of renting a ground resistivity meter, contact Environmental Equipment & Supply today. Give us a call at 1-800-739-7706 or fill out and submit the convenient online rental request form.