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Grundfos S.S. Jet Pump

Grundfos S.S. Jet Pump
$ 28 $ 96 $ 240

Whether washing the car, watering the lawn, rinsing the roof gutter or emptying the garden pond, the Grundfos SS Jet Pump adapts perfectly to every need. The JP pump can also guarantee a reliable household water supply in areas not connected to a main local supply or where the water pressure is insufficient.



  • A newly developed manual regulator with two settings is the secret to the JP pump's increased versatility, making it possible to adjust both water pressure and flow. This means users can alternate between high pressure with low flow or low pressure with high flow as required.
  • In addition, pump performance is improved by up to 50% while noise levels and energy consumption are reduced to a minimum. 
  • Stainless steel and tough composites make the pump system particularly resistant to corrosion and ideal for outside installation. 
  • Neat and compact, the JP Pump can be easily be built into a small, discreet space.