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20 KW - MQ Power Generator

20 KW - MQ Power Generator

$ 150
8 hours
$ 500
40 hours
$ 1560
160 hours


  • Design - Revolving armature, 4 pole, drip proof
  • Excitation - Brushless with AVR
  • Standby Output - 22 KW (27.5 KVA)
  • Prime Output - 20 KW (25 KVA)
  • Frequency / Generator Speed - 60 Hz / 1800 RPM
  • Voltage - three phase / star with neutral - 208 - 240 / 416 - 480 volts (switchable)
  • Voltage - single phase / zig - zag - 120 / 240 volts (14.4 KW rating)
  • Voltage Regulation - no load to full load - + 1.0 %
  • Power Factor - 0.8
  • Insulation - Class F
  • Sound Level - db(a) full load at 23 ft. - 65

Multiquip Power Solutions 20 kW Generator Rentals

When you're working in the field, reliable power is essential. To help you meet your temporary equipment needs, Environmental Equipment & Supply rents fuel-efficient portable generators that can be deployed to job sites around the country. We're proud to carry the trailer-mounted Multiquip Power Solutions (MQ) 20 kW generator, an excellent choice for both standby and prime applications.

Renting from Environmental Equipment & Supply is easy and economical. We can arrange transportation of your generator to practically anywhere in the continental United States, and offer affordable rates and discount pricing when you rent by the week or month.

About MQ Generators

Since 1973, Multiquip has been providing high quality, heavy-duty power generation equipment for construction, commercial and environmental crews. The company’s 20 kW generators include multiple advanced features, including a four pole, drip-proof revolving armature design, brushless AVR excitation, and an intuitive analog control panel featuring an ammeter, frequency meter, AC circuit breaker and other instrumentation. Easy to use and easy to train your staff on, Multiquip products are an ideal choice when you need to rent a power generator.

Multiquip generators are housed in a weatherproof, sound-attenuated shell that limits noise levels to 65 dB from 23 feet away when running a full load, making them suitable for use in urban environments and other areas where noise levels are restricted. For a full list of specifications or more information about the rental process, contact an Environmental Equipment & Supply representative today.

Choosing the Right Generator Rental

When choosing a generator rental, it's important to fully understand your power requirements and select a unit that will meet them efficiently. Too often, the temptation is to simply rent the most powerful generator your budget can afford. However, most generators run most efficiently at 50-75% of their rated capacity. This means an overpowered unit will use more fuel, driving up costs and increasing your carbon footprint. To meet the power generation needs of our clients, Environmental Equipment & Supply rents generators ranging in size from 2.7 to 100 kW.

While the Multiquip 20 kW is an excellent choice for many applications, it may not be the most appropriate for you. An Environmental Equipment & Supply representative will be happy to assist you in assessing your power generation requirements and choosing the best possible unit for your project.

Why Rent?

There are several key advantages to renting a generator instead of buying one outright, even for long-term projects. Renting ensures you have a unit that is well-maintained and ready to provide reliable service in any working condition. All of our rental generator units feature low operating hours and are fully inspected by a team of knowledgeable technicians before being delivered.

Whatever your power generation needs, Environmental Equipment & Supply will be there to provide the generators, accessories and other tools necessary to ensure they are met. Renting a generator online with us is easy — simply contact us about this product, and one of our team members will be in touch with you shortly.