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Portable Water Flow Meters

Hach FH950

Hach FH950

Marsh-McBirney Flo-Mate 2000

Marsh McBirney Flo-Mate 2000

$ 90 $ 280 $ 700

Environmental Equipment & Supply rents both the Hach FH950 and the Marsh McBirney Flo-Mate 2000 portable water flow velocity meters.  The Hach FH950 is the replacement for the Flo-Mate 2000.

Hach FH950

The FH950 portable flo/velocity meter has improved functions reducing time wasted by providing simple step by step user interface.  The FH950 user interface simplifies programming provides real-time data and downloads direct to a PC.  Our rental unit comes with 20 feet of cable and standard wading rod kit, 8 foot depth.

Marsh McBirney Flo-Mate 2000

The Flo-Mate 2000 has long been the standard portable water flow monitoring. The Flo-Mate is a lightweight, portable electromagnetic flowmeter that provides instantaneous readout of flow stream velocity, river velocity, sewer flow, and irrigation channels, is ideal for weir/flume calibration, and works well with aquafuel pumping tests. Unit has data storage/recall and water resistant electronics. Direct replacement for USGS type mechanical meters. Ideal for NSIP (National Streamflow Monitoring Program).

Flo-Mate Model 2000 Flowmeter includes electromagnetic sensor with 20 feet of cable, Carrying Case, Universal Sensor Mount, and Instruction Manual. Standard velocity outputs include feet/second (ft/s) and meters/second (m/s). A 5 foot wading kit is also included

Portable Water Flow Velocity Meters:

  • Rivers & Streams Velocity
  • Flume/Weir Calibration
  • Mining Flows

Stream Velocity Measurement Method:
Zero Stability: ±0.05 ft/s
Accuracy: ±2% of reading + zero stability
Range: -0.5 to +20 ft/s (-0.15 to 6 m/s)

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