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Portable Water Flow Meters - Stream Flow Velocity

Hach FH950

Hach FH950

$ 90 $ 280 $ 700

Environmental Equipment & Supply rents the Hach FH950 portable water flow velocity meters.  The Hach FH950 is the replacement for the Flo-Mate 2000. Flow velocity meters are used for measuring water flow in areas like open channels or streams.

Hach FH950

The FH950 portable flo/velocity meter has improved functions reducing time wasted by providing simple step by step user interface.  The FH950 user interface simplifies programming provides real-time data and downloads direct to a PC.  Our rental unit comes with 20 feet of cable and standard wading rod kit, 8 foot depth. 
The portable battery-powered FH950 is designed rugged for field use while providing accurate velocity measurements. Simple to use, the Hach FH950 makes the process easy for determining stream velocities for required discharge measurements. It can also be used for calibrating flumes and weirs. 

Portable Water Flow Velocity Meters:

  • Rivers & Streams Velocity
  • Flume/Weir Calibration
  • Mining Flows

Stream Velocity Measurement Method:
Zero Stability: ±0.05 ft/s
Accuracy: ±2% of reading + zero stability
Range: -0.5 to +20 ft/s (-0.15 to 6 m/s)

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