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Sonic Water Meter

Sonic Water Meter
$ 50 $ 140 $ 425

Easy Water Level Measuring
The model 200 uses sound waves to measure water levels without down-hole probes or instrumentation. An access port 5/8 inches or greater in diameter in the well cap is the only requirement. Simply insert the measuring duct through the cap, push the power-on switch and the measurement is completed in a few seconds. For uncapped wells, a temporary cap, supplied with the meter, can be used.

The TEMP (temperature) toggle switch adjusts the measurement to account for the temperature variation of sound velocity in the well casing. A regional map table and a look-up table are provided with each unit that provides the correct temperature setting.

The DEPTH switch optimizes the measuring capability for deeper wells.



  • Fast accurate water level measurements in seconds -- without down-hole probes or instrumentation.
  • No cross-contamination.
  • No equipment to clean
  • Measures Crooked wells, partially cased rock wells and wells with installed pumps.
  • Also measures real-time draw-down.