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Waterra Hydrolift II Pump

Waterra Hydrolift II Pump
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Waterra Hydrolift II Pump Rentals

Stop damaging pumps to develop or sample monitoring wells. Waterra actuators and tubing do a better job and save you money!

The Hydrolift II is a portable, electrically operated device that is used to automate the operation of the Inertial Pump. The Hydrolift is powered by a 3/4 horsepower electric motor and generates a 4 inch stroke at up to 200 cycles per minute.

This actuator can operate the Standard Flow System up to its maximum effective depth and will operate the and High Flow System up to a depth of 150 feet. The Hydrolift II weighs 35 pounds and requires an electrical power supply of at least 2000 watts.


  • Lightweight (35 lbs)
  • Rugged field construction
  • Power: 0-3.75 GPM/200 feet + depth

Environmental Equipment & Supply has the Waterra Hydrolift II pump you need available for rent by the day, week or month. An excellent choice for purging, sampling and well development, you can count on the Hydrolift II for reliable performance and maintenance-free operation in almost any working condition.

Environmental Equipment & Supply is a valued partner to construction crews, remediation specialists and other organizations. Whether your pumping needs are long-term or temporary, we can match you with the right tools for any upcoming job.

About the Waterra Hydrolift II

The Hydrolift II is designed to be used with Waterra's proprietary line of inertial pumps. Whether you use the company's standard, low flow or high flow pumps, the Hydrolift II actuator will smoothly automate the process, making it possible to purge or sample 2" wells at depths up to 200 feet. Because the Hydrolift II weighs only 38 pounds, it's easy to carry and deploy in remote field conditions — a fact that makes it particularly useful in operations with multiple wells spread out over a large geographic area.

Product Features

The Waterra Hydrolift II includes multiple advanced features designed to make a sampling or well development technician’s job easier, including:

  • Compatibility with all Waterra inertial pumps
  • A durable ¾ horsepower electric motor available in both 110 and 220 V configurations, capable of generating a 4-inch stroke adjustable between 0-180 cycles/minute
  • A fully adjustable hinged tubing clamp and anchored discharge tubing end that makes sample collection easier
  • Convenient battery operation that eliminates the need to carry fuel into the field
  • Rugged construction suitable for use in demanding field conditions
  • Simple and intuitive controls that make the unit easy to read and operate
  • Adaptability to nearly any size of protective well casing

To learn more about the full features of the Waterra II actuator, contact Environmental Equipment & Supply directly.

Renting a Waterra Actuator

Renting a Waterra Hydrolift II actuator is a great way to meet temporary sample collection needs, saving you the ongoing expense and hassle of taking out a lease to purchase new equipment. In addition to the Hydrolift II, we also rent Grundfos and DC pumps, peristaltic pumps and gas-powered actuators from the Waterra product line. Renting any of our products can also be useful if you want to try a potential purchase out in real-world conditions before deciding to buy.

Why Rent From Environmental Equipment & Supply?

All units in our rental inventory feature low operating hours and are fully inspected and serviced before being delivered to your location. We can arrange fast and economical shipping to locations throughout the continental United States, as well as pickup from our Harrisburg, PA office. For a full list of terms and conditions, please see our rental policies.

To request a quote for everything you need for an upcoming project, simply submit a rental request form. One of our representatives will review your information and get in touch with you shortly.