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Horiba D-54 (Ph, Conductivity, Temp)

Horiba D-54
$ 40 $ 100 $ 350

This dual channel, handheld, water quality meter can simultaneously measure two different parameters. The pH and ORP probes can easily be switched out on Channel 1 to allow for an additional parameter. The meter and electrodes feature an innovative waterproof design, which allows these units to be used even in wet weather. The waterproof ToupH is a highly shock-resistant pH-meter electrode protected with a thick membrane. These meters also feature high-speed response and a convenient validation feature.



  • The main unit and the electrode are completely waterproof. D Series meters conform to the JIS C0902 security level 7 test for water impermeability (IEC 529, IP67: no water penetration when submerged in water at a depth of one meter for 30 minutes).
  • The electrode boasts a high-speed response time-one sixth that of existing meters-allowing measurement of organic solvents, sewage, and other samples with a low conductivity to be taken quickly.
  • Measurements of one of five parameters, including conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and ion concentration, may be taken simultaneously with pH measurements.