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TransPort® PT878 Panametrics Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeter

TransPort® PT878 Panametrics Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeter
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TransPort® PT878 Panametrics Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeter Brochure



  • Potable water
  • Wastewater
  • Cooling and heating water
  • Ultrapure water and liquids
  • Water/glycol solutions
  • Crude oil
  • Refined hydrocarbons
  • Diesel and fuel oils
  • Lubricating oils
  • Chemicals
  • Beverages
  • Other liquids

The TransPort PT878 flowmeter is a highly versatile, self-contained, portable transit-time system with options and accessories to meet all your liquid flow measurement needs. Its compact size; lightweight, rechargeable internal battery pack; and universal power supply charger make it the ideal go-anywhere flowmeter.

Accurate with Two-Phase and Perfectly Clean Liquids
The TransPort PT878's patented Correlation Transit-TimeT digital signal processing (DSP) technique greatly increases its signal-to-noise ratio for accurate, drift-free flow measurement in liquids that contain a second phase of entrained solids or gas bubbles. The TransPort flowmeter operates in these and other difficult applications where conventional transit-time flowmeters fail.

The TransPort PT878 flowmeter also accurately measures flow rate in perfectly clean liquids containing no "scatterers," where Doppler-type flowmeters cannot work. The TransPort flowmeter is suited for all standard transit-time applications, plus many that would prevent other transit-time flowmeters from working. 

Our rental PT878 fits 2-inch to 24-inch pipe. 



  • Small, lightweight and easy to use
  • Non-intrusive flow measurement
  • Velocity, volumetric and energy flow rates
  • Totalized flow and trend data
  • Large, backlit LCD display
  • Alphanumeric and graphic formats
  • Multiple-language user interface
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Logs over 100,000 flow data points
  • Submersible package
  • 32 site locations
  • Optional thickness gauge
  • Optional energy measurement
  • Suitable for most pipe sizes and materials, including lined pipe
  • Fits 2 to 24-inch pipe sizes