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Well-Vu Camera, 500 Foot

Well-Vu Camera, 500 Foot
Prep FeeDailyMonthly
$ 50 $ 85 $ 900

Well-Vu well cameras give you a detailed, full-color look into wells and boreholes as narrow as 2” ID. Available to rent by the day or month from Environmental Equipment & Supply, Well-Vu cameras are a cost effective option for borehole monitoring for geological strata analyses as well as pre-purchase and after-service inspections, regular maintenance, lost item retrieval and more. Because the Well-Vu features a full-color camera, it can also be used to identify color variations due to contamination.

Suitable for deployment at depths up to 500 feet, Well-Vu well cameras are an excellent choice for short- or long-term rentals.

Features and Specifications

Well-Vu well cameras available for rent from Environmental Equipment & Supply feature the following standard configurations. For information about upgrades and available options, contact our team directly.

  • Cabling: Standard cable length of our Well-Vu well cameras is 500 feet. Cabling is professional-grade coaxial designed to hang straight when used in narrow wells.
  • Spool: Our Well-Vu cameras come equipped with a custom-designed manual crank spool reel that unfurls smoothly for precise deployment. Self-cleaning roller bearings eliminate the need for tedious maintenance between jobs.
  • Camera: Well-Vu well cameras are some of the most sophisticated digital imaging devices for use in environmental monitoring applications. Our rental units feature a 1/3” CCD (charge-coupled device) image sensor with a high (450 line) resolution and a 1 lux minimum illuminance level for delivering clear, precise video at all times.
  • Custom design spool allows for easy spooling & unspooling on the self-cleaning roller bearings
  • Lighting: Lighting on our Well-Vu rental well cameras is provided by 15 ultra-high-intensity LED white light board that clearly illuminates low-light wells and boreholes. Lights are arranged at a 20° angle to eliminate problems commonly associated with particle reflections.
  • Recording format: Well-Vu well cameras record in standard NTSC digital video format. Cameras recording to PAL are also available – contact our rental team for details.
  • Output: Rental well cameras by Well-Vu include standard RCA-style video output jacks to connect with a TV, TV/VCR, hand-held video recorder or other color monitor. Environmental Equipment & Supply also has Well-Vu monitors available to rent.
  • Power: Well-Vu cameras include a sealed, 12V rechargeable lead-acid battery designed to provide enough power to capture video in remote locations where an external power source isn’t available. A 12V charger is included with each renal unit.
  • GPS connectivity: Well-Vu well cameras come set up for GPS connectivity for stamping your videos with time, date, longitude/latitude information to better facilitate analysis and archiving later.

Well Camera Rental Information

Environmental Equipment & Supply rents Well-Vu well cameras by the month and by the day. A $50 prep fee is charged to ensure the camera is delivered fully serviced for your trouble-free use. Contact our rental team today to inquire about rates and other details.