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MAC-51B - Underground Magnetic Locating System

MAC-51B - Underground Magnetic Locating System
$ 45 $ 160 $ 400

The MAC-51B – the most cost-effective, all-purpose locating system on the market – consists of a magnetic locator, similar to the most popular GA-52Cx model, and a null-over-target pipe and cable locator capable of locating on two frequencies: 571Hz and 82.5kHz.

We recommend you read the operator's manual before you order this equipment. You are responsible to understand its use before ordering. Freight charges are added to all rentals.



    The receiver has a three position switch that lets you change modes, "on-the-fly", between LO, HI, and MAG, for cable and line tracing with break locating, pinpointing a ferrous metal target, or identifying and pinpointing an energized 50/60 Hz power line.

    Dual Frequency Cable and Line Tracing Modes
    The MAC-51Bx simultaneously transmits 82.5 kHz (HF) and 571 Hz (LF) signals. This feature lets you select and compare received audio signals from both frequencies along with magnetic information without having to return to the transmitter.

    Transmitter Conductive Mode
    If an exposed section of a target gas or water pipe is accessible, conductive coupling is the most reliable method for applying the trace signal. This mode has to be used to apply both HF and LF frequencies so that you can use all three features on-the-fly. Providing a good electrical contact between the clip and the conductive portion of the target line by removing rust or paint before attaching the clip is very important.

    Transmitter Inductive Mode (HF only)
    Induction is achieved by placing the transmitter over the target cable/pipe or by using the optional Inductive Signal Clamp. It's the easiest and quickest way to applying a trace signal that is strong enough for tracing most lines. The trace signal generates an alternating magnetic field around the cable which induces a signal into the receiver's cable sensor. A sharp null in the audio signal between the two peaks occurs when the receiver's tip is directly over the cable.

    Magnetic Locating Mode
    Only the MAC-51Bx receiver is required when operating in the magnetic mode. Just set the Mode switch to MAG, the Gain control to mid-range, and you're ready to locate underground ferrous pipes, water meters, water valves, and property markers - or anything that has a magnetic field including the 50/60Hz electro-magnetic field generated by energized power lines.