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GSSI's Profiler EMP - 400 w/GPS and Data Logging

GSSI's Profiler
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GSSI Profiler Spec Sheet

Environmental Equipment & Supply recognizes that geophysical, agricultural, and environmental professionals need accurate and reliable equipment to examine soil conditions.  GSSI's Profiler EMP-400, a powerful electromagnetic induction tool, uses a proprietary source cancellation and calibration system to create the highest signal stability on the market.  The Profiler EMP-400 ia a frquency domain, electromagnetic system and by acquiring multiple frequencies, the user can select the frequencies that provide the best results for a specific application.  This is a distinct advantage over other systems.

Profiler's system electronics, structure, and coils are designed for maximum thermal and structural stability. Signal drift is a common problem among EM instruments, which cause unreliable data and inaccurate results. The Profiler's advanced electronics minimize signal drift, as well as maintain an accurate zero level and system null across the full bandwidth of the system. For a high precision, field proven tool, rely on the Profiler EMP-400 multi-frequency EM conductivity meter from GSSI.  Environmental Equipment & Supply rents the profiler complete with GPS field PC loaded with software.


Typical Uses:

  • Environmental remediation
  • Archaeology
  • Geological investigation
  • Site assessment
  • Ground water investigation
  • Agricultural research


  • Very user-friendly system
  • Unmatched signal stability
  • Multi-frequency system
  • Lightweight - weighs only 9.9 pounds
  • Wireless data logger eliminates cable noise
  • Integrated GPS
  • Hand-held system for easy maneuvering within difficult terrain
  • Environmentally sealed system that is durable and easy to transport
  • Flexible battery options
  • Real-time results
  • Files are stored on internal memory and structured in Excel format
  • GPS included with rental