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Jerome 431X Mecury Vapor Analyzer

Jerome 431X Mecury Vapor Analyzer
$ 150 $ 400 $ 1,200

The Jerome 431X Analyzer accurately measures mercury in the sensitivity range of 0.003 to 0.999 mg/m3 Hg. Uses a gold film sensor which is inherently stable and selective to mercury, eliminating interferences common to ultraviolet analyzers such as water vapor and hydrocarbons. 13 second response time. Operates up to 6 hours on a full charge. Digital display in either mg/m3 or ng. Optional data logger ($1950) and communications package can be downloaded to a PC. Includes: Instrument, manual, 110 power cord



  • Accurate analysis of mercury vapor in seconds
  • Rugged and easy to operate
  • Rechargeable internal battery pack for portability
  • Automatic backlight for LCD during low light conditions
  • Microprocessor ensures a linear response throughout the entire range of the sensor
  • Survey mode for rapid source detection of mercury vapor concentrations
  • Wide detection range allows multiple applications
  • Pressure sensitive membrane switch operation
  • Inherently stable gold film sensor