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Bicron Micro-Rem Radiation Monitor

Bicron Micro-Rem Radiation Monitor
$ 110 $ 300

The Bicron Micro-Rem Radiation Monitor is used for Gamma or X-Ray detection. Bicron Micro-Rem Radiation Monitors are lightweight portable survey meters for applications where accurate dose rate measurements of low gamma radiation levels are required. They read absorbed dose rate directly, eliminating the need for conversion from mR/h.

Bicron Micro-Rem Radiation Monitors are used for Gamma or X-Ray detection. Rugged construction and quality make our Bicron radiation monitoring equipment very durable. Modular internal construction and quick opening clasp makes field service easy. For reliable Gamma and X-Ray detection, chose Bicron radiation monitoring equipment.



  • Detector: Internal, tissue equivalent, organic scintillator
  • Gamma and X-Ray detection between 40 keV and 1.3 MeV
  • Accuracy: Within 10% of reading for 137Cs between 20% and 100% of full scale on any range
  • Response Time: Optimized for each range, 0-90% of final reading as follows:
  • Range: Time; X0.1 : <15 seconds; X1: <15 seconds; X10: <5 seconds; X100: <2 seconds;
    X1000: <2 seconds
  • Control: Eight position rotary switch: Off; Bat. (checks the condition of the batteries); HV (audits the detector high voltage): X1000, X100, X10, X1, X0.1 (counting ranges=multiply the meter reading by these figures)